Inspirational Amy and friends to perform at special charity concert

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A BRAVE teenager has told how she is fighting back after being diagnosed with cancer.

Amy Quinn was given the devastating news that she has ovarian cancer in November last year.

The 19-year-old had been having pains and was told she had a cyst on her ovary.

It was only when Amy underwent an operation that cancer was found.

Further surgery sadly meant Amy had to have her ovaries removed, as well as her appendix and pelvic muscles.

She is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Although ovarian cancer can occur in younger women, it usually affects those who have reached the menopause – about 85 per cent of women diagnosed are over the age of 50.

Despite going through such a difficult time, courageous Amy is remaining optimistic and has organised a fundraising concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT), which has supported her through her battle.

Amy said: “It was a shock when I was told it was cancer, but I had kind of expected it.

“I had pain and it was misdiagnosed as a cyst, but it turned out to be more than that.

“I would say to younger women to be persistent with your GP.”

Amy, who is studying for a business degree, has decided to use her passion for singing to organise a concert at her former school - Bishopbriggs Academy - to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

She will be joined by her talented friends for the show - ‘Sing If You Wanna Beat Cancer’.

Amy’s fundraising website for TCT has already raised more than £1,500 and she hopes to add a lot more cash through the concert.

Amy, from Springburn, said: “Gregor Reid is the musical director and has helped so much with the show.

“I’ve had great support from my boyfriend Sandy, friends, and family.

“I decided to fight back the only way I knew how - by raising money for TCT. It’s is a fantastic charity.”

Sing if You Wanna Beat Cancer is being held at Bishopbriggs Academy on June 5. Tickets are £5 and can be purchased by emailing You can visit Amy’s fundraising page at

Amy is pictured (above on the left) with her best friend Robyn.

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Amy is pictured (on the left) with her best friend Robyn and (right)