Inspiring others is best prize, says top cyclist


The highest-placed Scot in the Commonwealth Games women’s mountain bike race, Lee Craigie, says inspiring others has been the best prize of all.

The former Lenzie Academy pupil came in seventh at the gruelling event at Cathkin Braes, four minutes behind gold medal winner, Canadian Catharine Pendrel.

Joining teammates at Friday’s athletes parade in Glasgow, she said: “I’ve felt so proud to be stopped in the street and told someone’s daughter wants to be like me and so honoured to be asked to write a note of encouragement to a young woman struggling in adolescence.

“I was also delighted to be told that after watching the race at Cathkin Braes, a family is going biking together this weekend. It has made all the years of toil worthwhile.

“The Games have shown me how my dedication inspires others and this is the best prize of all.”

Lee spoke of the amazing support of the home crowd, willing her on in the cycle challenge.

She said: “At every corner and hill I was flung forward by the momentum of the crowd.

“Then I convinced myself I had a puncture and lost two places by stopping in the pits.

“Coming in seventh at
a major games is a great result for me though and I am 
very pleased at how I rode.”

Despite announcing her retirement afterwards, the 35-year-old said: “I’m planning my next competitive move. It has felt good to reclaim my life from the strict confines of peak performance but already I miss it.

“Whatever I do next, it’s going to be fun and inspiring in the spirit of Glasgow.