Internet misery for residents

Tommy Doherty.
Tommy Doherty.

Bishopbriggs man Tommy Doherty is furious at a glitch which has left him with “pathetic” internet access in one of the area’s newest estates.

He says BT have effectively told him there’s nothing they can do, even although older housing nearby has no such problem – and is appealing to fellow broadband users in the neighbourhood to tell the telecom giant how they feel.

Older Taylor Wimpey houses nearby are connected to cabinets which were upgraded with funding from Digital Scotland, a Scottish Government and BT joint initiative, and the newest homes from the same firm will beserved by a new fibre enabled cabinet as well as having Virgin Media as a choice.”

Mr Doherty says it means his home and around 200 others connected to the same cabinet have broadband speeds which struggle to get above 1MB per second - making the internet all but useless for business purposes, and even for basic leisure uses such as streaming video and music.

He complains that BT Openreach say it is not commercially viable for them to upgrade our cabinet, adding: “Digital Scotland say that we don’t meet the criteria for government funding as our houses were built after 2012 – so we are stuck.”

Now he hopes what he sees as a U-Turn on a similar situation in Woodilee Village – where furious residents originally said BT had left them in the lurch – could pave the way for progress at his estate.

However BT disagrees with that analysis. A BT spokesman said: “BT did not make a U-turn over the Woodilee estate. The cabinet in question was always part of the Intervention Area agreed with the Scottish Government prior to the contract with BT being signed, as required under European State Aid rules.

The upgrading of this cabinet has been brought forward in the rollout plans.

“At the time the Intervention Area was developed and agreed, Mr Doherty’s estate was not completed and therefore not included. The lockdown on the Intervention Area was August 2012.

“We’ve told Mr Doherty we can work together on how the work can be funded. We have worked on privately funded options with more than 100 communities to date and we also add funding as well.”