Is Lennoxtown bard’s latest poem ‘The Greatest’?

Tam Craven with his latest epic poem
Tam Craven with his latest epic poem

Prolific local poet Tam Craven recently put the finishing touches to an epic 100-verse work which could just be ‘The Greatest’ thing he’s ever done.

It’s about one of his sporting heroes, Muhammad Ali, who was given the nickname and is still considered the finest boxer of all time.

Describing how the inspiration came to him, Tam said: “I was sitting in the Central Station, Glasgow, watching the world go by.

“It was in early June, 2016, the day after Muhammad Ali’s funeral. I started to think about the dream I had the night before, wondering if Muhammad would get into heaven.

“‘Nae bother!’, I says to myself. And so I started to write a poem about The Greatest.”

It comes almost exactly a decade after Tam last undertook his last 100 verse poem - ‘Through and Through’ - about his beloved Celtic Football Club.

He hopes to publish ‘The Greatest’ by the end of the month.