It’s ‘munch-time’ for a long-standing blot on the landscape in Lenzie

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DEMOLITION work is underway to bring down a concrete eyesore – ‘bite by bite’.

The water tower in the Fauldhead area – on the site of the former Woodilee Hospital, in Lenzie – will be targeted by a large “muncher machine” this week.

The forlorn structure, which lies derelict alongside the old pumphouse building, is around 18 metres high and was used to provide water facilities to the hospital.

All of the rubble and materials will be crushed down and reused at the Woodilee Village housing development.

One reader said: “The tower looks like something from an old sci-fi movie.

“It’s been there a long time. It will be strange when it’s finally taken away, but it’s good news.”

The demolition marks the launch of phase two of housebuilding at Woodilee Village, with a further 450 homes to be built over the next few years. So far, around 250 homes have been finished.

Doug Riddell, project director of the Woodilee House building Consortium, said: “Having been an eyesore in the area since the hospital ceased to exist, we are pleased to announce that the removal of both the tower and pumphouse will take place starting on October 29, to be complete in around a week.

“A large muncher machine will take down the concrete and brick buildings in large chunks.

“In accordance with good environmental practice, all material will get crushed down and reused as part of the infrastructure for phase two of the housing development - under roads, for example.”

Four housebuilders are involved in the Woodilee Village development - CALA Homes, Charles Church, Miller Homes and Springfield.

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