It’s the talk of the steamie

The talk of the steamie!
The talk of the steamie!

A laundrette in Springburn has been the ‘talk of the steamie’ since it was re-designed by a former Disney artist.

The walls of The Wee Steamie, in Hillhouse Street, are adorned with images capturing the spirit of Glasgow’s old wash houses.

The laundrette closed in July 2013 after a devastating fire. It has now reopened and owner Hardip Singh (35) wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.

Hardip said: “The feedback to the artwork has been absolutely amazing.

“My customers all have some kind of story to tell – whether it’s their own story or them remembering their mammy or granny going to the old wash houses – it always sparks a memory.”

Springburn was home to one of the famous Glasgow steamies on Kay Street, which is just round the corner from the laundrette.

Glasgow-based design company, Unhinged Creatives, took on the project and illustrators Stephen McDermott and Alan Earlie created the artwork.

Stephen (49) worked as an illustrator on various Walt Disney feature films, including Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch and The Emperor’s New Groove.

He said; “Over the course of a few weeks we developed our designs by researching old photographs of bath houses and tenements in Glasgow, which were both full of character and characters.

“The final result was something we worked very hard to achieve, but proved to be well worth the effort as it has certainly sparked a conversation or two.”

The steamies of the past were famously known as the place where women would go for a gossip, but now The Wee Steamie is always full of men, women and even children.

Hardip said: “We now have such a variety of clients, unlike steamies of olden days, but the same vibe and buzz is still there, just modernised.

“My eight year-old son, Manraj, loves helping out at the weekends, which has led to other parents doing their washing at the weekends knowing their kids are happily playing away somewhere in The Wee Steamie.

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