Jail for robber who attacked shopkeeper with baseball bat

The robber was sentenced at the High Court
The robber was sentenced at the High Court

A thug who hit a Kirkintilloch shopkeeper on the head with a baseball bat after he fought back has been jailed for three years and four months.

Thomas Marshall (20) struck Mohammed Zahid with the weapon when he and two other men robbed Mauchline Stores in Mauchline Court, on November 21, 2016.

The High Court in Glasgow heard in February this year that Marshall and his accomplices - who weren’t named in court - burst into Mr Zahid’s store demanding cash.

One of Marshall’s sidekicks was armed with a large machete and shouted: “Give me the till,” to Mr Zahid, who replied: “Why should I give you the till?”

The court heard that Mr Zahid tried to prevent the till being snatched but the three crooks overpowered him.

Prosecutor John Scott QC told the court about how the man armed with the machete tried to strike Mr Zahid’s head with the blade. But the shop worker protected himself using a bread bin.

Marshall then struck Mr Zahid with the bat before running out of the shop with the till which contained £400. His two accomplices ran off shortly afterwards.

Police eventually arrested Marshall, who is detained at YOI Polmont in Stirlingshire,.

He pleaded guilty to assault and robbery before judge Lady Scott and sentence was deferred for the court to obtain reports.

On Thursday, at the High Court in Edinburgh, defence solicitor advocate Liam Ewing told Lady Scott that his client had a troubled childhood.

Lady Scott told Marshall that she had no other option but to send him to prison.