James films catch of the day

James is pictured at Antermony Loch.
James is pictured at Antermony Loch.

A KEEN birdwatcher has captured amazing footage of an Osprey diving into a loch and snatching a fish before flying away again - and he is only 12-years-old.

The amazing scene unfolded at Antermony Loch, on the outskirts of Milton of Campsie.

James Clinton (12) had gone to the loch to do some bird-watching when he saw the Osprey hovering high above the water.

The St Ninian’s High School pupil quickly pulled out his camera and captured some fantastic footage of the spectacular scene.

James regularly goes bird-watching in the area and his grandfather, Jim Curtis, owns the nearby Campsie Outdoors Centre.

Jim said: “James has always been very interested in wildlife.

“He saw the bird high up in the sky coming down to the loch and diving into the water before coming back up with a trout in its talons.

“It is truely amazing footage and it is a rare thing to capture.”

Osprey migrate to Scotland from Western Africa every spring.

They feed mainly on fish, lay their eggs around April and head off again in September. Osprey can grow in length to more than 60cms and have a wingspan of 180cms.

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