Jamie braves hot coals for Epilepsy charity

Jamie with his mum
Jamie with his mum

A hotel manager from Milngavie felt the heat

recently when he walked on roasting hot coals for Epilepsy Scotland.

Jamie Stevens, general manager at the Village Hotel Club Glasgow, rallied up his colleagues to walk over 20 feet of coals heated to 1200 °F to raise funds for vital services to help families throughout Scotland living with epilepsy.

It’s a cause close to his heart because his mum Margaret was diagnosed with the condition over 40 years ago, when she was only 27.

Jamie said: “There’s so much more awareness of epilepsy than when my mum was diagnosed and it’s vital that sufferers and their families get the support they need to help them make sense of their diagnosis and access the right help.

“Epilepsy can be a bewildering and frightening condition.

“When my mum became a single parent me and my older brother had to help mum when she had a fit. There was no real support for us and we just learned how to cope.

“My mum never knew when it would happen and when we were young she was scared to take us out or use public transport. I think epilepsy sufferers are very brave and most people don’t understand the condition.”