Jobs threat as road closes for a YEAR

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A butcher claims his takings have plummeted and he may be forced to pay off staff after a road next to his shop shut down for A YEAR because of a new housing development.

Broomton Road at Balornock closed on July 2 this year and is not due to open until June 2019.

Ross Neilson, owner of Neilson butchers, told the Herald so far his taking are down by £6,000 since the closure as customers go elsewhere.

A neighbouring hair stylist and a newsagent claim they are suffering the same blow to their business.

Ross said: “Cruden builders have closed Broomton Road. Business takings are way down on last year and I have the figures to prove it.

“There is vehicle access but the diversion is very confusing – customers do not know how to get to my shop and some think it is closed altogether.

“Cruden put up some additional signage after I kicked up a fuss but it’s not enough.

“We celebrated our 30th year in business in November. It’s very sad it has come to this but staff may have to be paid off because it’s getting to the stage where I just can’t afford to keep them on. It’s Christmas, too.”

Glasgow Provan MSP Ivan McKee said he would be seeking a meeting with the builders.

He said: “I am concerned to hear about the reported effects of this ongoing road disruption and plan to visit the small businesses on Broomton Road to hear from them the extent it is having on their day to day trading, and secure a meeting with the developers to see if a solution can be found to reduce the impact.”

A spokesperson for Cruden Building said: “The road closure has been approved by Glasgow City Council as a result of a health and safety requirement to allow drainage to be installed as we continue to build new affordable homes on behalf of our client, The Home Group.

“This site has been approved by the Considerate Constructors Scheme and full vehicle access, full pedestrian access and parking is in place during this temporary road closure. We have also installed additional signage and lettered shop owners and adjacent residents to fully communicate the reasons behind this road closure and maintained access routes.”

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council confirmed on Friday that the council had granted permission for the road closure for health and safety reasons after a request from the builder.