Joey’s message for motorists is a winner

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Six year old Joey from Kirkintilloch’s Gartconner Primary is the proud winner of a contest designed to persuade drivers to be more considerate around schools.

His message “Be Cool - Walk to School” appears in a 10 foot banner on the school railings, where motorists can’t fail to notice it.

Joey was presented with gift vouchers for his winning design.

Parking at the school has become a concern for pupils, teachers and parents with drivers stopping on the zig-zags and at junctions, blocking access for pedestrians.

Joey said: “If there weren’t so many cars at the school it would be easier to cross the road and a bit less scary.”

Councillor Jim Gibbons, neighbourhood convener, said, “We all see inconsiderate and selfish parking, particularly at schools, and as a driving instructor and parent I have seen it regularly.

“With a bit of forward planning, the journey to and from school could be safer for other road users and pedestrians.

“There can be no stronger message than for the children themselves to ask us to examine our behaviour and do better.

“Joey’s design is brilliant and hopefully drivers around the school will take heed of the message and consider walking at least part of their journey.”