Junction redesign is “putting lives at risk”

Photo Emma Mitchell 01.08.16'Traffic problems at Catherine Street Junction
Photo Emma Mitchell 01.08.16'Traffic problems at Catherine Street Junction

“Chaos and confusion” – that’s 
the verdict of the latest 
work on a controversial ‘shared space’ for 
Kirkintilloch town centre.

Pedestrians and motorists are up in arms over the reopening of the busy four-way junction at Catherine Street and Kerr Street at Cowgate.

Some claim the new design is “putting lives at risk.”

One business owner said she had to ask East Dunbartonshire Council to install 
signs to warn motorists and pedestrians about who had right of way.

The previous lights at the junction have been switched off and are to be removed soon. There have been complaints of a lack of signs warning drivers the area is now a 20mph zone and of 
buses failing to slow down.

Jacqui Fairbairn of Gemini Cards at Catherine Street complained on the council’s Facebook page.

She posted: “Would be good if there were signs telling drivers at the corner of Kerr Street what is going on.”

She added: “People need to know who has right of way.”

Jacqui added: “The buses are going far too fast. Nobody knows this is now a 20mph zone. Pedestrians don’t know what to do.”

Louise Gordon said: “The whole town is a joke. It’s chaos.”

James Galloway added: “It’s chaos and confusion, and it’s putting lives at risk. It’s impossible for able-bodied people to cross, so I have no idea how disabled people would negotiate this junction.”

Thomas Glen, depute chief executive - Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets asked people to be “patient” during “improvement works.”

He added: “New pedestrian crossings are set to be installed during the week beginning August 8, and temporary controlled crossings will remain in place until then.

“The old lights will be removed during the installation of the new equipment, and the new 20mph speed signs will also be enforced.”