Just who is responsible for multi-million pound road?

Initiative Road
Initiative Road

Worried motorists have begged council transport chiefs to improve safety on a road which was opened more than three years ago.

Initiative Road, in Kirkintilloch, was opened at a cost of £30million in December 2010 - project managed by the now-defunct Kirkintilloch’s Initiative.

But the 4km road, which was hit by spiralling costs and massive delays, has still not yet been formally adopted by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Fed-up residents now say that their safety concerns are being IGNORED - with NOBODY willing to address issues.

Herald reader Paul Anderson said: “There’s been several landslides onto the road recently, including one that destroyed a safety barrier.

“The safety barrier hasn’t been replaced and nobody seems to be able to tell me who is meant to be dealing with these things.

“It’s just the latest problem with the road, which is always covered in litter, with trees planted next to it left to die.

“Surely the council must take some responsibility?”

Previously, the council has told the Herald that the consortium of developers at the nearby Woodilee Development - who part-funded the road - were responsible for the maintenance of the road until adoption.

However, a later comment placed the onus on the Kirkintilloch Link Road Management Board (KLRMB), which includes council representation.

More recently, the council laid the blame for the state of the road on contractors Carillion.

Now Thomas Glen, the council’s director of development and regeneration, says BOTH Carillion and the KLRMB would shoulder the burden.

He explained: “Until formal sign off of the defects certificate and then the adoption the contractor and KLRMB are legally responsible to maintain Initiative Road - ensuring it is safe for all road users - until such time as it can be adopted by the council.”