Kicking up a stink about dog bins in Kirkintilloch

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DISGUSTED locals are kicking up a stink about overflowing dog bins in parks and streets in Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs and beyond.

Calls have been made for more bins and for East Dunbartonshire Council to empty them more often.

A Kirkintilloch resident contacted the Herald to raise concerns over a stuffed dog bin in Morven Way (pictured).

He said: “On average our bin is emptied once per week which is not enough – it should be every couple of days, due to what is in them.

“Over the festive period it was two weeks and people had to put bags containing dirt on the ground.

“The council needs to install more bins in all areas, but the main problem is people being too lazy to clean up after their dogs.

“You see people just opening their doors and allowing their dogs to just mess anywhere.

“When I walk over to the Waterside football pitch, it is littered with dirt, and children have to play in the area.”

The resident called for the council to do more to catch irresponsible dog owners.

He has been backed by readers on Facebook, who also want action.

A spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council told the Herald: “We are currently undertaking an audit of all our bins.

“At present we are working towards all our bins becoming dual purpose to take litter and dog poo.

“The dual purpose bins have stickers on them and eventually all bins will be dual purpose.”

There are currently 1,664 bins in total across East Dunbartonshire, including:

338 in Kirkintilloch

364 in Bishopbriggs

112 in Lennoxtown

38 in Milton of Campsie

100 in Lenzie

61 in Torrance

The spokesperson added: “Bins within shopping centres are checked and cleared on a daily basis as required, whilst bins outside this area are normally emptied on a weekly basis.

“People can report full or overflowing bins and request additional bins by phoning the council’s customer contact centre on 0300 123 4510.

“Requests for additional bins are investigated and where a need is identified then additional bins are provided.”

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