Kids covered in dog poo at Olympics in Bishopbriggs

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A STINK is being kicked up after children at a special Olympic Games event were left covered in dog mess.

Charity workers have called on irresponsible dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Creative Care, a charity which runs classes in 3D decoupage for the community and adults with special needs, moved into Brackenbrae House, in Bishopbriggs, in 2010 - saving the community facility from closure.

They recently held a special barbecue on a grassy area in front of the premises for volunteers and clients – including a special ‘Olympic Games’ for the younger guests.

But it quickly became apparent that there was a serious problem with dog mess.

Management team member Sandy McKinven said: “After the event we noticed dog mess had been dragged all over the house by people coming in and out, and the children had it all over them.

“I just don’t understand why dog owners would do this. I counted one day and between 11am and 3pm there were 30 dogs being walked – some of the owners even brought them to Brackenbrae House by car.

“There surely must be better places to take your dog for a run. Maybe the council could provide special areas for dogs in certain parks?

“I know that it’s probably a minority of dog owners, but I wish they would all clean up after their pets.

“We had a Christmas fun day last year and it was just as bad. It really is disgusting.”

Kenny Simpson, the council’s head of housing and community services, said: “We are aware of the issues of dog fouling in the area around Brackenbrae House.

“There is a sufficient number of bins that dog owners can use to dispose of dog waste in the area and we will check to see if more ‘No Dog Fouling’ signs are required.Environmental wardens regularly patrol the area and we will do a leaflet drop in the surrounding streets to further remind dog owners to be responsible and clear up after their pets.”

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