Kirkintilloch High School prize list - 2013/14

Just some of the award winners
Just some of the award winners

This year Kirkintilloch High School celebrated the achievements and endeavours of pupils over two nights – a junior ceremony and a senior ceremony.

Key headings from Eddie Muir’s speech included the highly successful Education Scotland Inspection, attainment and achievement, working with partners and learning outside of the classroom.

The school band and choir provided the musical entertainment which was very much enjoyed by the audience on both evenings.

Kirkintilloch High School prize winners:

First Year

1P - Jamie Bouse, Achievement, Graphic Communication; Heather Conville, Endeavour, Hospitality, Music; Lewis Conroy, Achievement, Business Management, Endeavour, Science, English; Sophie Conroy, Endeavour, Art & Design, Computing, Design & Manufacture; Melissa Halliday, Endeavour, Science, History, Mathematics; Andrew Hendry, Achievement, Science; Linzi Kinney, Achievement, English, Geography, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Modern Studies, Endeavour, Art & Design, Graphic Communication.

Kirsty Mair, Achievement, Business Management; Louise Marshall, Achievement, Art & Design, Home Economics, Hospitality, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Science; Alana McFarlane, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Orla Nisbet, Achievement, Computing, History, RMPS, Endeavour, Geography, Graphic Communication; Jamie Paterson, Endeavour, PE; John Porter, Achievement, Computing; Jessica Smith, Endeavour, RMPS; Elisha Stevenson, Achievement, Drama; Megan Whiteford, Achievement, PE, Endeavour, Modern Studies; Carly Wood, Endeavour, Drama, Modern Languages.

1H - Gazang Bapeer, Endeavour, Mathematics; Lisa Baxter, Endeavour, Modern Studies; Adam Carr, Achievement, Art & Design, Drama, Graphic Communication, Endeavour, Geography, Home Economics; Andrew Coyle, Achievement, PE, Endeavour, Art & Design; Melissa Coyne, Endeavour, Business Management; Jessica Devine, Achievement, Home Economics, Graphic Communication, Endeavour, Music; Liam Devine, Endeavour, English; Wendy Ewing, Achievement, Science, History, Endeavour, Computing; Roan Hunter, Endeavour, Drama; Euan McCulloch, Endeavour, History; Kayleigh McGuire, Endeavour, PE; Jonathan McNeil, Endeavour, Music; Greg Molseed, Achievement, Business Management; Peter Monaghan, Endeavour, Hospitality.

Ellie Pittner, Achievement, Art & Design, Design & Manufacture, English, Geography, Modern Languages, Modern Studies, Music, Endeavour, Business Management, Home Economics; Megan Scambler, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Holly Tafe, Achievement, Computing, Home Economics, Hospitality, RMPS, Endeavour, Business Management; Cameron Wallace, Achievement, Mathematics, Music, Science, Endeavour, Home Economics, Modern Languages; Thomas Wright, Achievement, Design & Manufacture, Music, Endeavour, Computing, RMPS.

1S - Euan Barrie, Achievement, Graphic Communication, Mathematics, Endeavour, Geography; Jack Carroll, Achievement, RMPS, Endeavour, History, PE; Griffin Crawford, Endeavour, RMPS; Lauryn Fitzpatrick, Achievement, Design & Manufacturing, Home Economics, Science; Ross Gibson, Endeavour, Business Management, Drama, Modern Languages, Modern Studies; Jennifer Hendry, Achievement, PE.

David Mackle, Endeavour, Art & Design, Computing, Home Economics; Gordon MacLachlan, Achievement, Drama; Rachel McCafferty, Achievement, Art & Design, Design & Manufacture, Geography, Endeavour, English, Science; Eoin McMunn, Achievement, Modern Studies, Music; Keris McNeish, Endeavour, Hospitality; Lucy Shields, Achievement, Business Management, Graphic Communication, History, Home Economics, Hospitality, Science, Endeavour, Art & Design, Computing, Music; Hollie Shillinglaw, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Aimee Smith, Achievement, Modern Languages, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Home Economics, Mathematics; Cerys Wilson, Achievement, English.

1W - Brodie Black, Achievement, Business Management, Computing, Home Economics, Hospitality, Modern Languages, Music, Science; Erin Carroll, Endeavour, Hospitality; Jordan Colquhoun, Endeavour, Geography; Rachael Cooke, Achievement, Drama, Endeavour, Mathematics; Jack Devlin, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture, Drama, Modern Languages; Chloe Fleming, Achievement, Art & Design, Graphic Communication, Modern Studies, Endeavour, Business Management, English, Science; Jasmine Graham, Endeavour, Art & Design; Callum Grant, Achievement, PE, Endeavour, RMPS.

Callum Hoggan, Achievement, Music; Joshua Kirkaldy, Achievement, Computing, Geography; Lee McGoldrick, Achievement, Business Management, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Music; Niamh Stockley, Achievement, Computing, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture, Modern Studies; Zoe Tennent, Achievement, Design & Manufacture, History, RMPS, Endeavour, PE; Holly Wright, Achievement, Art & Design, English, Mathematics, Endeavour, Business Management, Computing, Graphic Communication, Home Economics, Music, Science.

Second Year

2H - Ryan Borst, Endeavour, Modern Studies; William Brown, Achievement, Computing, Endeavour, Drama, PE; Philip Carvalho, Achievement, Geography; Brian Clark, Achievement, Science, Endeavour, Business Management; Ewan Cosh, Endeavour, Graphic Communication; Keavy Coyle, Achievement, Graphic Communication; Emily Dunlop, Endeavour, Geography, History; Fiona Erskine, Achievement, RMPS, Endeavour, Modern Languages; Zoe Findlay, Achievement, Design & Manufacture, Endeavour, Business Management; Ben Larman, Achievement Computing, Endeavour, Science; Andrew Liddle, Achievement, Business Management.

Caitlyn McParland, Endeavour, Hospitality; Lewis Penman, Achievement, Business Management, Science, Endeavour, Computing, Design & Manufacture, English, Graphic Communication, Music, RMPS, Science; Rhiannon Scambler, Endeavour, Home Economics; Jennifer Scullion, Achievement, Art & Design, Endeavour, Mathematics; Eilidh Smith, Achievement, Modern Studies, PE, Endeavour, Home Economics, Music; Alex Taylor, Endeavour, Computing; Katrina Tolland, Achievement, Computing, Drama, English, History, Home Economics, Hospitality, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Endeavour, Science; Nikola Xhela, Achievement, Music.

2P - Ross Brown, Achievement, Drama, Endeavour, Mathematics, Modern Studies, Music, RMPS; Matthew Cribbes, Endeavour, Computing, History; Christopher Dodds, Endeavour, Business Management, Hospitality; Ruairi Ferris, Endeavour, Art & Design, Design & Manufacture, Drama, English; Sophie Macmillan, Achievement, Music; Ashleigh McCann, Achievement, Business Management, Endeavour, Graphic Communication; Ross McClement, Achievement, Modern Studies, Endeavour, Art & Design, Home Economics.

Eliana McDonald, Achievement, English, Geography, Graphic Communication, Music, Endeavour, Art & Design, Science; Rachel McMillan, Achievement, Design & Manufacture; Rachel McRae, Achievement, Graphic Communication, Home Economics; Zoe Porter, Achievement, Art & Design, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Science; Jessica Ross, Achievement, Home Economics, Hospitality, RMPS, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Zac Smith, Achievement, PE, Endeavour, Modern Languages; Abbie Stirling, Achievement, History, Endeavour, PE; Amy Tennent, Achievement, Art & Design, Endeavour, Geography; Jack Walmsley, Achievement, Design & Manufacture.

2S - Jack Atkins, Achievement, History, Endeavour, Geography; John Bamford, Endeavour, Hospitality; Paul Cook, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Hannah Cramman, Achievement, Computing, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Science; Andrew Cullen, Achievement, Business Management, Computing, Design & Manufacture, Geography, Home Economics, Hospitality, Modern Studies, Endeavour, Drama, Graphic Communication; Rebecca Gartshore, Achievement, RMPS, Endeavour, Art & Design, Modern Studies; Sophie Greer, Endeavour, Business Management, Design & Manufacture; Jon Paul Kilday, Endeavour, RMPS; Cameron Lawson, Achievement, Mathematics, Music, Endeavour, Art & Design.

Josh MacDonald, Achievement, Design & Manufacture, PE, Endeavour, History; Jemma Maclachlan, Achievement, Home Economics, Modern Languages, Endeavour, Computing, Music; Kirsty Macmillan, Achievement, Art & Design, Business Management, Graphic Communication, Music, Science, Endeavour, Home Economics; Alan Moffat, Achievement, Graphic Communication, Endeavour, Art & Design; Mairi Paterson, Endeavour, Mathematics, Modern Languages, PE; Dionne Revie, Achievement, Art & Design, Business Management, Computing, Drama, English, Music, Endeavour, Home Economics, Science; Lewis Shillinglaw, Endeavour, English; Ross Spence, Achievement, Design & Manufacture, Endeavour, Computing.

2W - Amy Brennan, Achievement, Art & Design; Ellie Brown, Achievement, Geography, Home Economics, Hospitality, Modern Languages, Science, Endeavour, PE; Craig Campbell, Endeavour, Business Management; Bethany Canning, Achievement, History; Morgan Cooper, Achievement, Modern Studies; David Erskine, Endeavour, Science; Scott Henry, Achievement, PE, RMPS, Science, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture, English, Modern Studies; Rebecca Hopkins, Endeavour, Drama, Music; Cameron Hunter, Achievement, Drama; Cormac Jamieson, Achievement, English, Mathematics; Kayleigh McGill, Achievement, Graphic Communication, Endeavour, Geography, Home Economics, Mathematics, Modern Languages; Morag McKay, Endeavour, Computing, Hospitality; Ewan Quinn, Endeavour, History; Calum Sanders, Endeavour, Business Management; Emily Shepherd, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Music; James Sutherland, Endeavour, RMPS.

Third Year

3H - Matthew Anderson, Achievement, Modern Studies, Endeavour, Art & Design; Sophie Blackburn, Endeavour, Health & Food; Nicole Clements, Achievement, Art & Design; Nicole Cochrane, Endeavour, Biology, Business Management, English, Graphic Communication; Jordan Colvan, Endeavour, Drama; Megan Cowan, Endeavour, Modern Studies; Lauren Ellison, Achievement, Health & Food; Calum Henderson, Achievement, Business Management, Mathematics, Physics, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Ciara Macdonald, Endeavour, Drama; Bradley McAdam, Achievement, History, Endeavour, Computing; Paige McAvoy, Achievement, Graphic Communication; Sarah Mills, Endeavour, Business Management, Chemistry, Computing, Mathematics.

3P - Desmond Bouse, Endeavour, English; Caitlin Martin, Endeavour, Health & Food; Nicola McGoldrick, Endeavour, Mathematics, Modern Studies; Jonathan McIlveney, Endeavour, Geography; Rachel McLachlan, Achievement, Biology, Modern Languages, Endeavour, Chemistry, Modern Studies; Tierney McLeod, Achievement, Drama; Jordan Miller, Endeavour, Mathematics; Emma Murdoch, Endeavour, Health & Food; Kiera Pittner, Endeavour, History; Scott Quinn, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Brent Rae, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Jack Turnbull, Achievement, Chemistry, Design & Manufacture, Endeavour, Physics.

3S - Lisa Begg, Achievement, Physics, RMPS, Endeavour, PE; Murray Bell, Endeavour, RMPS; Gregg Black, Endeavour, RMPS; Alanna Boyle, Endeavour, Geography; Taylor Carrel, Endeavour, Music; Ryan Gibson, Achievement, PE; Robbie McCormack, Endeavour, Business Management; Kimberley McSporran, Endeavour, Biology, Drama; Chloe White, Endeavour, English; Hope Wilson, Endeavour, Chemistry, Geography, PE, Modern Languages, RMPS; Jenna Wylie, Endeavour, Music.

3W - Chloe Chalmers, Endeavour, Biology; Ross Clarke, Endeavour, Computing; Jack Curren, Achievement, English, Endeavour, Music, Physics; Steven Fleming, Endeavour, History; Stuart Fleming, Achievement, Computing, Endeavour, Art & Design, History, Modern Languages; Andrew Hogg, Achievement, Geography; Naomi McCann, Endeavour, Art & Design; Brandon McKenna, Endeavour, Graphic Communication.

Special Awards

Junior Dux - Calum Henderson.

Highest number of merit awards in S1 - Ellie Pittner.

Highest number of merit awards in S2 - Hannah Cramman.

Highest number of merit awards in S3 - Ross Clark.

Jimmy McLellan Brass Trophy (Music) - Rachel McLachlan.

S1 Girls sports champion - Holly Tafe; S1 Boys sports champion - Cameron Wallace; S2 Girls sports champion - Jemma Maclachlan; S2 Boys sports champion - James Scott; S3 Girls sports champion - Kelly Hinde; S3 Boys sports champion - Ryan Gibson, Jonathan McIlveney.

Dunbartonshire Schools U16 Girls Badminton Singles Champion - Lisa Begg.

Citizenship Award, Citizenship in the Community, Fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust - Taylor Boyce, Emily Burns, Fiona Erskine, Chelsea Johnston, Ben Larman.

Citizenship Award, Kirkintilloch High School Award, Charity Fundraising for Cancer Research UK - Alanna Boyle, Kelly Hinde, Amy McLeod, Kimberley McSporran, Chloe White.

S1 Island Energy Award - Class 1B.

Inter House Shield - Holmfield House.

Fourth Year

Callum Barnwell, Endeavour Design & Manufacture; Rachel Bell, Endeavour, Business Management; Jamie Bridges, Endeavour, Music; Emily Brown, Achievement, Chemistry, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Physics, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, PE; Katie Carslaw, Achievement, Biology, Modern Studies, Endeavour, Health & Food; Chloe Copeland, Achievement, Health & Food, Endeavour, Art & Design; Terry Cowie, Endeavour, History, Mathematics; Emma Cowie, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Modern Languages, Modern Studies; Chloe Craig, Endeavour, Biology, Health & Food; Jemma Creamer, Achievement, Computing; Nicole Cruickshank, Achievement, Business Management, English, Endeavour, Art & Design, Mathematics, Physics, RMPS; Shannon Dunbar, Endeavour, RMPS; Eilidh Findlay, Achievement, RMPS, Endeavour, History; Ross Hopkins, Endeavour, Business Management; Skye Howie, Achievement, Drama, Graphic Communication; Ewan Jackson, Endeavour, RMPS; Samantha Laird, Endeavour, Modern Languages, Music; Rory Ledger, Endeavour, English, Music.

Myrna McCulloch, Endeavour, Chemistry; Gary McInally, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Megan McIntyre, Endeavour, Computing, Modern Languages; Aleasha McKay, Endeavour, Geography; Ross McKay, Achievement, Design & Manufacture, PE, Endeavour, Chemistry; Reece McKenzie, Endeavour, History, Physics; Matthew McNeil, Endeavour, Drama; Greg Milburn, Endeavour, Drama, English, Geography, Mathematics, PE; William Morris, Endeavour, Biology, Computing; Rebecca Nicolson, Achievement, Art & Design, Geography, Music; Claire Pender, Endeavour, Modern Studies; Robyn Scott, Endeavour, Business Management; Blair Sleigh, Endeavour, Geography; Victoria Stewart, Endeavour, Biology; Chantelle Stirling, Endeavour, Art & Design, Design & Manufacture, Health & Food, PE; Laura Tennent, Endeavour, Chemistry, Modern Studies; Calum Turnbull, Achievement, History, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Physics; Amy Wilson, Endeavour, Graphic Communication; Andrew Wilson, Endeavour, Computing, Drama, English.

Fifth Year

Shelley Alexander, Achievement, Biology, Geography; Kirsten Bain, Endeavour, Computing; Alex Baker, Endeavour, Chemistry; Gasbin Bapeer, Endeavour, Art & Design, Woodworking Skills; Lauren Baxter, Endeavour, Physics; Hanna Brown, Achievement, Art & Design, Graphic Communication; Craig Brown, Endeavour, History; Jennifer Bruce, Endeavour, English; Martin Carvalho, Achievement, Music, Endeavour, Physics; Gail Cassells, Endeavour, Chemistry; Emma Chapman, Endeavour, Mathematics; Ross Christie, Achievement, English, Endeavour, Biology, Modern Studies; Devon Christie, Achievement, Photography; Lee Cowie, Endeavour, Computing; Aimee Dallas, Achievement, Design & Manufacture, Endeavour, Art & Design, History; Victoria Findlay, Endeavour, Modern Studies; Ross Fraser, Endeavour, Drama; Rhianne Forrest, Endeavour, Drama; Shannon Graham, Achievement, Drama, Modern Languages, Endeavour, English, Music; Martin Greer, Achievement, Chemistry, Computing, Mathematics, Physics.

Euan Hardie, Endeavour, Woodworking Skills, PE; Brian Holmes, Endeavour, RMPS; Donald Howie, Endeavour, Biology, Design & Manufacture, Graphic Communication, Mathematics; Gemma Innes, Endeavour, Computing, English; Aidan MacDonald, Achievement, PE; Lucy MacDonald, Achievement, Business Management; Ailsa McCallum, Endeavour, Music, Modern Studies; Kieran McCormick, Achievement, Woodworking Skills, Endeavour, PE; Darren McCulloch, Endeavour, Modern Languages; Alistair McDermid, Endeavour, Geography, Physics; Hazel McErlane, Endeavour, History; Garry Montgomery, Endeavour, Business Management; Holly Paterson, Achievement, RMPS; Katelyne Rae, Endeavour, Drama, Geography; Melissa Robertson, Endeavour, Design & Manufacture; Rachel Ross, Achievement, Modern Studies, Endeavour, Mathematics, Music; Lyn Sawyers, Endeavour, Chemistry, Geography; Victoria Stewart, Endeavour, Biology; Michael Stockley, Achievement, History, Endeavour, PE; Chelsea Whiteford, Endeavour, RMPS; Rennie Wishart, Endeavour, Art & Design, Modern Languages, RMPS.

Sixth Year

Samantha Aitken, Achievement, Business Management, English, Endeavour, Photography; Chloe Alexander, Endeavour, English; Caitlin Barnwell, Endeavour, Biology, Business Management; David Barrie, Endeavour, PE; Gavin Begg, Achievement, Graphic Communication, Endeavour, Photography, RMPS; Emma Burns, Achievement, Drama, Endeavour, Geography, Mathematics; Megan Carroll, Endeavour, Modern Studies; Rachel Crawford, Achievement, Chemistry; Lewis Easdon, Endeavour, PE; David Findlay, Endeavour, Drama; Beth Finnie, Achievement, Music; Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Achievement, Art & Design, Endeavour, History; Angus Forsyth, Endeavour, Computing, English; Andrew Kirkwood, Endeavour, Business Management; Marley Leck, Achievement, Hospitality.

Rachel Mair, Endeavour, Geography, Physics; Stuart McCafferty, Endeavour, Computing; Alexander McDonald, Endeavour, PE; Emma McKenzie, Achievement, Mathematics, Endeavour, Graphic Communication, Physics; Nicola McPhail, Endeavour, Photography; Natasha McSherry, Endeavour, Drama, English; Paige Moore, Endeavour, RMPS; Daniel Nash, Achievement, PE, Endeavour, Drama; James Paterson, Achievement, Computing, Endeavour, Business Management, Physics; Jennifer Semple, Endeavour, Biology, Mathematics; Kerri Sinclair, Biology, History, Endeavour, Mathematics; Lucy Sinclair, Endeavour, Computing, Modern Studies, RMPS; Hannah Smith, Art & Design; Jennifer Smith, Achievement, Geography, Endeavour, Music; Laura Taylor, Achievement, RMPS, Endeavour, Art & Design, Geography; Ewan Wade, Achievement, Physics; Jordan Wightman, Achievement, Modern Studies.

Senior Dux - Martin Greer.

Outstanding Achievement in S4 - Emily Brown.

Outstanding Achievement in S5 - Kerri Sinclair, Samantha Aitken.

Highest Number of Merits in S4 - Nicole Cruikshank.

Highest Number of Merits in S5 - Lyn Sawyers.

Miners’ Vocal Award - Rebecca Nicolson.

Overall Music Prize - Elizabeth Finnie.

Thora Barron Prize for Food Technology - Zoe Brooks.

Ledger Award for Drama - Shannon Graham.

Solsgirth Prize for Art & Design - Hanna Brown.

Walker Martin Trophy for Excellence in Science - Rachel Crawford.

John McCormack Citizenship Award for Service to the Community - Robyn McCrae.

Burgess Award for Citizenship - Jordan Wightman, Craig Donald, Daniel Nash, Jack Thomson.

Frank Haughton Award for Service to the Community - Kelly Lyons, Demi Sloss, Lyndsay Young, Hannah Smith, Chloe Alexander, Sarah Coll, Caitlin Harper.

Inter House Shield - Holmfield House.

Saltire Awards - Sarah Coll, Jemma Creamer, Gavin Derby, Caitlin Harper, Skye Howie, Kelly Lyons, Katie McGavin, Paige Moore, Chloe Pettigrew, Rachel Ross, Demi Sloss, Hannah Smith, Lyndsey Young.