Kirkintilloch park trashed by vandals

Vandals went on on a wrecking spree last week destroying bins, lighting fires and uprooting plants in a popular park.

People walking through Woodhead Park, in Kirkintilloch, were the first to see the scene of destruction last Monday morning.

The remnants of a bonfire of rubbish

The remnants of a bonfire of rubbish

Huge quantities of shredded paper had been taken from bins at the nearby health centre, dumped on flower beds and paths, and left to blow as far afield as the Kirkintilloch Miners Club and Lenzie Road.

Residents have now called for action to tackle the problem - which has seen the park targeted several times in the past year.

Speaking on the Herald’s Facebook page Anthony McGale said: “In Kirkintilloch the kids can hardly say there’s nothing to do - there’s plenty of good facilities.

“There should be enough CCTV and police intelligence to catch those doing it.

“It’s not a major crime, but they must learn social responsibility. Make them replant, tidy up the area, make good for their actions.”

Others blamed parents for not controlling their children.

Moira Roy: “The parents of these so-called children must be held accountable. Hit them where it hurts - their pockets.”

Grace Irvine,East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of neighbourhood services, said the local authority “takes all vandalism seriously”.

She added: “Woodhead Park was subject to an act of vandalism at the weekend, including a bin and its content being set alight, as well as plants being uprooted.

“Our teams work hard to keep the park looking tidy, providing a place to relax.

“We are liaising with police about this serious issue.”

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