Kirkintilloch Police Station set for restricted opening hours

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Police chiefs are planning to reclassify their Kirkintilloch base - meaning it will no longer remain open to the public 24 hours a day.

Kirkintilloch Police Station currently provides the community with a public counter service which remains open day and night, seven days a week.

But a recent report revealed that only around 11 members of the public use the public counter each day - with “public demand diminishing” after midnight.

The changes would mean the Kirkintilloch station opening from 7am-midnight each day.

Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson, who led the review, said: “The public access our services in many ways, but we have seen the number of people calling at public counters drop in recent years.

“Our review will reduce opening hours at some public counters across Scotland but this is where analysis of demand has provided evidence which has allowed us to take these steps without significantly impacting on the level of service enjoyed by communities.

“Police stations and public counters will still operate across the country and provide a number of different services to a diverse range of communities. These proposed changes are about matching our resources to the demands of the communities we serve in order to keep people safe.”

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson bemoaned the lack of consultation on the plans and called on the changes to be “closely monitored”, but admitted: “If the number of people calling at public counters has dropped in recent years then an alteration to operating hours may allow resources to be used more effectively in our area.”

Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP Fiona McLeod added: “It is important to note that the stations are not being closed, the counter opening hours are being rationalised to reflect actual use by the public and to keep our officers out on the beat where we want them, but if the initiative doesn’t work it can always be reviewed.”

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