Kirkintilloch residents plagued with deliveries for new development in mix-up

Residents of a street in Kirkintilloch have been suffering from confusion caused by a geography mix-up.

People living in Braes O’ Yetts have been plagued by deliveries intended for the new Braes of Yetts housing development, which contains a Braes-o-Yetts Drive.

One such resident, Julie Sharp, explains: “I live on Braes O’ Yetts, a long established short street just off Merkland Drive.

“Since the new residents have moved into Braes O Yetts Drive, our house plus many of our neighbours have been inundated with deliveries and attempted pickups.

“We have had offers to set up Sky TV, parcel deliveries and even the council delivered a new green bin.  Our neighbours tell of all kinds of similar comings and goings such as furniture deliveries and even carers attempting to assist a new resident!

“Even during construction of the site larger deliveries of roof rafters, tradesmen and all sorts made there way to Braes O Yetts.

“There are a lot of older residents here who tend to be at home during the day so they can give directions, but the big vehicles coming into the drive are causing obstructions.”

Julie says she is not sure why the similar name, which refers to a historic farm, was chosen and the problem was made worse by not showing up in satellite navigation software such as Google Maps.

East Dunbartonshire Council depute chief executive Thomas Glen said: “We are aware of this and on a weekly basis we have been logging edits to online mapping service providers, such as Google Maps, to ensure that the new street names, addresses and postcodes are updated as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we have been in contact with Royal Mail and local delivery services to make them aware of the issue.”