Kirkintilloch Town Hall will be returned to former glory in £4.75m project

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CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating news that a landmark building will be restored and rejuvenated.

Councillors are backing ambitious plans for Kirkintilloch Town Hall.

They agreed in principle that the dilapidated building should be refurbished and used as an arts and culture venue at a cost of £4.75million.

It’s great news for Kirkintilloch Town Hall Preservation Trust which has led a long campaign to have the building re-opened.

Closed in 2004 by the Lib Dem administration running the council at that time, the building has been allowed to fall into a desperate state of disrepair.

Earlier this year, around 150 people responded to a questionnaire published in the Herald asking for views on the town centre building.

David Whitton, of the preservation trust, said: “This is great news and a real boost for those who have campaigned to save the hall for so long.

“Just recently another 300 people signed our petition at Kirkintilloch Gala Day which proves the people of the town want to see the hall put back into productive use.”

He added: “We’d like to thank the council and will work hard alongside them to raise the substantial sum needed to complete the task in hand.

“We’d also like to thank the Herald who have continually supported our campaign and whose recent survey proved that the people of the town wanted to see the hall saved.”

Council leader Rhondda Geekie pledged: “We will work in partnership with the trust and look forward to progressing the redevelopment of the hall. It was a big part of the masterplan.”

The council will be submitting funding applications to a number of groups to secure money for the town hall project.

They will need to allocate £150,000 for immediate work to the building from the 2012-13 capital programme as well as further funding from the five-year programme.

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