Knot in our backyard – fears over alien invader in Kirkintilloch

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AN ‘alien’ plant capable of growing through solid concrete must be eradicated before work starts on a controversial housing development.

Dawn Homes have planning permission to build 30 houses on land at Campsie View, in Kirkintilloch, but they have been told that they must clear the site of Japanese Knotweed, as well as deal with toxins found in the soil, before they start building.

Local residents, who launched an unsuccessful attempt to stop the development, say that they have not been shown the reports - despite work apparently now being under way.

Ian Sinclair, who lives near the development, said: “Dawn Homes now seem to be on site carrying out work, but there’s still no sign of these reports saying how they are to deal with the toxins and the Japanese Knotweed.

“The planning permission states that these issues have to be resolved before any work is carried out.

“They may say they are just clearing the land, but how do we know that the Japanese Knotweed has not been affected in some way by the site clearance?

“The council seem to be making up the rules as they go along.”

Thomas Glen, the council’s head of development and enterprise, said: “Dawn Homes are currently working on the site, undertaking site clearance measures which in its own right does not require planning consent.

“To date information has been received in relation to contamination on the site as well as the eradication of Japanese Knotweed and this information is under the consideration of the relevant council departments.

“Residents can be assured that correct procedures are being carried out with regard to this planning application and the files are available for public inspection.”