Labour loses Bearsden South seat

Manjinder Shergill (Labour) has lost his Bearsden South seat.
Manjinder Shergill (Labour) has lost his Bearsden South seat.

The SNP party held on to their seat in Bearsden South with new candidate Dennis Johnston, but Labour’s Manjinder Shergill lost his seat.

Vaughan Moody (Lib Dem) held on to his seat and new candidate Andrew Polson (Conservative) was elected as well.

Vaughan Moody, Andrew Polson and Dennis Johnston.

Vaughan Moody, Andrew Polson and Dennis Johnston.

Dennis Johnston said; “The composition of the council has changed somewhat today and there’s a lot of fresh faces and I hope that injects some fresh thinking into the way we do things over the next five years.

“I hope we can work together and be constructive despite of differences.

“I’d like to thank the people of South Bearsden for placing their trust in me to look after their interests.

“I promise I will be visible and listen and work hard to repay the trust that’s been put in me.”

Vaughan Moody said; “I’d like to thank the voters and fellow candidates who have run a good campaign.

“I happily worked with my two elected colleagues beforehand and I hope I have a reasonable relationship with the new councillors.

“To sometimes defend the interests of Bearsden South but clearly we should do that on an East Dunbartonshire basis.”

Andrew Polson said: “Thirty years ago almost to day I appeared on page four of M&B Herald as a young 14 year old standing for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party in a mock election for Bearsden, Boclair and Douglas Academy.

“Little did I know that 30 years later I’d be standing here topping the poll in Bearsden South which i’m very proud of.

“This is the third campaign I’ve been involved with over the last three years.

“I think that’s a record for anybody to stand at Westminster then at Holyrood and then at a local level so I’m exhausted.

“I want to help all constituents, I want to make sure that they are all catered for.

“I look forward to working with Vaughan and Dennis in this beautiful community.”

Manjinder Shergill said; “Five years ago it was a bit of a shock being elected as a Labour councillor in Bearsden so perhaps it’s not so much of a shock losing as a Bearsden candidate for Labour.

“Bearsden South is a unique area and there are challenges.

“I urge the new councillors to work together and not underestimate the gravity of the task that lies ahead of them.

“Local government has been challenging over the past five years and we had to make some very great decisions.

“Over the next five years I’m convinced they will need to make even greater decisions.

“So I don’t envy your task.”