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Thanks for your support

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Strathkelvin.

I was greatly encouraged by the overwhelming number of people who turned out to vote in the elections on May 3, and would like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout this election campaign.

I am determined to carry on working hard for the people of this community in any way I can.

I would also like to extend my warm wishes to those elected as councillors for the Strathkelvin locality, and to congratulate my running mate, Councillor McGlinchey, whom I know will serve the people of this area well in the coming years.

June McHugh,

Candidate for the 2012 Strathkelvin elections.

Feast of music

I HAVE just returned home after listening to the Kirkintilloch Ladies spring concert and felt compelled to write to the Herald.

As an ex-member I have attended most of their concerts for many years, but this most recent one was fantastic.

Under the enthusiastic direction of the very talented conductor, Andrew Nunn, and accompanied on the piano by Geoffrey Tanti, the range of vocal music they delivered was splendid.

The concert was a mix of whole choir, duets, soloists and readings. The last being very humourous.

I have listened to the choir through many changes and the current mix of voices and enthusiasm was lovely to listen to, as they all looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next concert.

Kirsteen Allan,

Moncrieff Ave,


Labour group thanks the electorate

THROUGH your paper, can we thank all the electorate across East Dunbartonshire who placed their confidence in us by returning eight Labour councillors on May 3.

The Labour Group will continue to lead the council and represent all the residents in a fair and equitable manner.

Working with others, we will consult and listen to your views, not only at budget time, but throughout the next five years.

Councillor Rhondda Geekie,

Leader of the council,

East Dunbartonshire Council.

Nursery concerns

I WOULD like to express my concern about the potential implications of what has recently been reported in the Kirkintilloch Herald regarding the possible future opening of Lenzie Primary Nursery in the afternoons.

I understand that with the development of Woodilee queries have been raised by new families about the possible shortfall in nursery places (at council run facilities).

Councillor Renwick’s proposal to extend the service provided at Lenzie Primary does not appear to take account of the capacity and service that is provided by partnership nurseries such as Merlwood.

As a constituent whose children are currently provided for at Merlwood, I am anxious that future funding priority will be given to council-owned and run facilities, with the added risk that Merlwood could also lose places if a new facility exists.

I am conscious that the needs of Woodilee have to be catered for, but the full range of local providers needs to be borne in mind and in so doing may demonstrate there is the existing capacity to cope.I would strongly recommend that the council contact Merlwood to fully acquaint themselves with what they provide and how they may further support the local community.

Stephen J. Hall

(by e-mail)

Library debate

IT really ought not to come as a big surprise to the council that residents should voice their concerns about the proposals to create a “hub” in the library, thus allowing council to improve its delivery of key services, as we have been promised.

Will life in Kirkintilloch be improved? Will the town look better?

The discerning reader only has to stand on the library steps and gaze along Cowgate to see what a mess the council can make of our town.

How on earth that grim block of shops (some empty) ever secured building permits beats me.

Look hard and long at the buildings which the council apparently refuse to upgrade, viz. the Town Hall, the former Co-op building, even the old post office - which urgently needs to be renovated- or totally removed!

Look at the weed-infested roundabouts “welcoming” visitors to Kirkintilloch.

I have lived in Kirkie for almost 30 years, and no, it hasn’t been improved by council intervention.

I therefore view the proposals for our library with some degree of scepticism.

Don’t we already have council buildings which were (as one was assured at the time) built for purpose?

Can’t we spend our money on something more worthwhile? Let the debate continue.


Muirside Avenue,


Formal letter of complaint

WILLIAM Patrick Library to become a Community Hub - this is my formal letter of complaint before going to the Ombudsman.

The people of Kirkintilloch were shocked to hear that £500,000 would be spent on ripping our library apart to build a community hub.

I say our, as the William Patrick Library was gifted to the people of Kirkintilloch.

We love our beautiful large library, which is the envy of surrounding towns and villages.

The people of Kirkintilloch have never been consulted.

If they had, there would have been a resounding no.

There were a few articles in the Kirkintilloch Herald informing us what would happen, but we were never consulted.

One article informed us that there were no shops in the Cowgate of a suitable size. On inquiry this week, I found two - one under the Regent Centre banner and the other beside the Kirky Arcade - owned by the same company.

Our council, like many others is cash-strapped, but they waste so much of our money, such as on “silver” seats in the town when there was nothing wrong with the millennium very comfortable black metal ones and on marble seats/steps in the Regent Gardens, which look good but the angles are very dangerous.

If the council has £500,000 to spend, it would be better spent on renovating our town hall, a B-listed building, which the people of Kirkintilloch desperately need, as there is nowhere else for meetings, concerts, our famous Kirkintilloch Players Pantomimes.

Maryhill Burgh Halls are wonderful. They say our town hall could be saved as well. The difference is that Maryhill had the council behind it, our council is not behind our hall.

I had business in the library yesterday and discovered that our library is to close on June, 4 for several months. Not much time for consultation!

Penelope E A Sinclair,

Southbank Drive,


Dog fouling in cemetery

I AM writing in response to the letter in the Kirkintilloch Herald on May 9 regarding dog fouling in Old Aisle Cemetery.

As I am no expert on “Fox Scat” I must bow to the lady in question’s knowledge, but I can assure you I do know the difference between a dog and a fox.

Whether it be foxes, dogs or even monkeys. what I am certain about is that dog owners are breaking the law if they take dogs into the cemetery unless they are guide dogs.

If we can stop dogs from entering the grounds then we will see if graves are still being fouled by foxes or not.

M Forsyth,

Baldorran Crescent,


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