Ladies sign up to climate march

Maureen Sim and Sue Milne at the climate march in Edinburgh
Maureen Sim and Sue Milne at the climate march in Edinburgh

Campaigners from

Baljaffray Parish Church, Bearsden joined Scotland’s Climate March in Edinburgh last Saturday, November 28.

The march was part of a weekend of global action ahead of a major United Nations climate change summit, taking place in Paris from November 30 to December 11.

One of the campaigners, Sue Milne, from Baljaffray, said: “People of all ages were marching, many families with young children and older folk too.

“The atmosphere was very good natured and there were some impressive speakers including a crofter from the Outer Hebrides who described the effects of the storms and bad summer on her farming community, Voltaire Alvarez from the Philippines, where typhoons have become stronger and more frequent, and a 12-year-old girl who has become a climate activist and gives us hope for the next generation.

““Every one of us has a responsibility to stand up for people being hurt by rising global temperatures and more erratic weather.

“Smallholder farmers around the world are finding it increasingly hard to make a living and some island nations are in danger of disappearing beneath the rising seas. Even here in the UK, we see changes to wildlife ranges, species such as Puffins in trouble because their food, sand eels, are much fewer in number, and severe weather events affecting our towns and cities.

“World leaders must agree an ambitious deal to tackle the problem and follow it up with real action. As well as helping people affected by climate change overseas, we must also develop our own low carbon society. This will create green jobs, improve our transport and food systems and protect our land, air and water.”

Sue was joined by Maureen Sim from Bearsden at the march which was organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.