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Lament for ‘lost’ library

WELL, we have had our first visit to William Patrick Library and, as anticipated, felt such a sense of loss. Our lovely library – how could they do that?

We felt sorry for the staff who have lost their spacious work station. It took us a minute or two to actually locate their inadequate counter which is not fit for purpose.It looked like a till checkout. The library staff must feel devalued, displaced persons.

Despite all our fears and protests, this sneaky plan went ahead. Shame on the lot of you!

Margaret and Edward Rogerson,

(via e-mail)

School name has been lost

HAVING been brought up in Lenzie, I was very saddened on a visit last week to see that the name Lenzie Academy (carved in stone many years ago) has been removed from the walls of the building that now houses Lenzie Primary School.

As a former pupil of both schools, I think the desecration of this part of Lenzie’s history is nothing short of vandalism and the person who authorised it should be ashamed.

Mike Souter,

(via e-mail)

Backing for Lenzie school

I HAVE never written to the Herald, but having read the article on nut allergy published on September 12 I feel compelled to do so.

First and foremost I would like to acknowledge the right of each and every pupil in exercising choice with regard to the foods they consume during school times. However, I strongly object to some of the comments made by the parent of non-allergic children attending Lenzie Academy.

Having almost lost my son as a result of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) when he was two-years-old, I have learnt to constantly exercise vigilance in checking all foods he consumes are safe for him to eat, something he himself has also learnt to do. This is no mean feat. Our lives, just like anyone else’s, involve managing risks. However, in our case such risks include the everyday activities of eating and drinking.

I would suggest that the request from Lenzie Academy is not for parents and pupils to scrutinise all foods as we do, but to show consideration for others and exercise common sense when choosing which products to bring to school. It is impossible to eradicate the presence of nuts in any school, but surely any efforts to minimise the risks posed can only be a good thing.

I would urge parents and pupils alike not to misinterpret the contents of the letter from head teacher Brian Paterson (as the parent quoted in last week’s article appears to have done) as an order when in fact it is a request for goodwill and co-operation in ensuring the safety of all pupils. As Gordon Currie, head of education has confirmed, at no time have nuts been banned in the school.

I take exception to the comment that “it is up to the parents of allergic children to deal with this”. I can guarantee that throughout my son’s schooling I have done everything humanly possible in order to do so, but as yet have been unable to master the skills necessary for omnipresence. My son carries emergency medication with him at all times. In addition a further supply is kept on school premises and staff have regular training in administration of this medication.

I was genuinely shocked by the suggestion that allergic children have separate dining facilities. Would the parent who made this suggestion like her children to be segregated in this manner? What she is suggesting is segregation on the basis of disability, which I would like to remind her all too often goes hand in hand with discrimination and bullying.

In this regard I warmly welcome Brian Paterson’s affirmation that Lenzie Academy has responsibility for the social inclusion of all children in their care.

It is entirely possible that the next time the parent responsible for the above suggestion decides to take a flight she may well be told that no peanuts are allowed on board due to the presence of someone with a severe allergy (this is now common practice). Will she then suggest that the allergic person travels in the baggage hold?

Anyone interested in learning more please visit

A concerned parent,

(via e-mail)

Thank you!

PLEASE will you pass on my thanks to everyone who supported me during my campaign to be elected as councillor for my local ward.

I am disappointed that I was not elected as I genuinely wanted to make a difference, not just progress a career in politics. I did get a huge number of votes so thank you to everyone who voted for me and who encouraged others to vote for me. Knocking on all your doors confirmed for me just what a great place this is to live.

And we can continue to make it better by getting together as a community to make sure that local issues take priority in local politics.

I would encourage you to keep fighting for a local bus service direct from Lennoxtown/Milton of Campsie to Stobhill and Bishopbriggs and use a local service when it starts up.

Thank you, again, for all your support.

Susan Murray.

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