Lazy drivers warned they will be hit in the pocket if they block it!

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HUNDREDS of disabled car parking bays will be made legally enforceable in Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Bishopbriggs and surrounding villages.

The move would see motorists who use disabled parking spaces without displaying a blue disabled badge on their car hit with a fine.

The Scottish Government wants local authorities to make the spaces mandatory under the Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009.

In Lennoxtown, Milton of Campsie, Torrance and Twechar, there will be 38 disabled parking spaces, and work is currently underway to allow the Traffic Regulation Order to be enforced.

Bishopbriggs will have 31 spaces, which are expected to become effective next month.

Meanwhile, 142 spaces were initially identified for Kirkintilloch. They are currently being assessed.

In Lenzie 18 spaces are expected to be made enforceable.

Bollards advertising the order are to be installed at each place. The move will cost a total of £94,000.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “The Disabled Persons’ Parking Places Act requires councils to make all advisory disabled parking places enforceable and remove any that are not needed.

“This means that anyone who parks in one of these places and doesn’t display a blue badge will get a ticket.

“East Dunbartonshire has more than 300 of these spaces and as part of the process that makes these enforceable, local people have been consulted on which ones to keep.”

He added: “We are making good progress towards compliance with the Act.

“Some of our villages already have ‘disabled parking persons’ place’ plates on bollards, which show the spaces that are enforceable.

“We hope to have enforceable spaces across the entire authority area by spring 2013.”

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