Leaping into action to rescue toads on the road in Kirkintilloch

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HUNDREDS of migrating toads and frogs are being saved from being squashed by caring wildlife enthusiasts.

Each year around this time vast numbers of the amphibians cross Market Road, in Kirkintilloch, as they head back to their annual spawning ponds.

Sadly, many are killed by unsuspecting motorists.

For the past few years local resident Andrew Lenihan has co-ordinated a rescue mission in a bid to save as many of the tiny creatures as possible.

He said: “Since I moved here four years ago I’ve witnessed a large number of frogs and toads getting killed on the road.

“It was a substantial amount, so I decided to research what was going on.

“I found out that toads and frogs migrate towards their place of birth each year as spring approaches.”

With a helping hand from partner Gillian Roy, and her daughter Zoe (12), Andrew has set up an information page on Facebook about the migrating toads and frogs.

They have also created ‘toads crossing’ warning signs for motorists and distributed ‘Save the Toad, Avoid Market Road’ leaflets.

And they go out every night to help migrating toads and frogs safely across the road.

Last year they helped save more than 2,000 toads and frogs during the migrating season. Now Andrew is making a documentary about the annual event.

If you would like to volunteer to help get the toads and frogs safely across Market Road, or would like more information, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Toad-Crossing-Group-Market-Rd-Kirkintilloch/403048706377270.

You can also call Andrew on 07962300078.

SAVE THE TOADS: Gillian, Andrew and Zoe are pictured on Market Road with their signs.

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