Lenzie Public Hall - what does the future hold?

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TWO NON-CHARITABLE organisations have expressed an interest in taking over the running of Lenzie Public Public Hall.

The groups offered to take over the historic building from East Dunbartonshire Council during the local authority’s consultation into cost-cutting measures.

The local authority has passed on many of it’s public halls to community-based trusts in recent times in a bid to save money.

The council was remaining tight-lipped this week about the names of the two groups interested ion Lenzie Public Hall, but council leader Rhondda Geekie

gave an assurance that community groups would not be priced out of using the hall.

She said: “I did have a bit of concern about the non-charitable status, however, one of the groups does run one of our other halls and there have not been any problems.

“We are looking to make sure that community groups are supported.

“We want to keep the hall for the community. If the prices are so high that community groups can’t use the facility then that would serve no purpose and would go against everything we want to do.”

The council now intends to continue talks with the groups over their plans for the hall.A report on which group will be given the lease agreement for the building will then go before a future committee.