Let's grit on with it, says authority

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FEARS that East Dunbartonshire Council is facing a grit shortage have been allayed this week with the news that the local authority received an additional delivery just before Christmas.

Concerns were raised at a recent meeting of Bishopbriggs Community Council, when East Dunbartonshire councillors Anne McNair and Gordan Low told members the council only had enough grit for 12 days.

At the meeting, one concerned Bishopbriggs resident said: "The grit bins are empty most of the time.

"If the council provided more grit bins I would go out and grit my street, but there is a lack of grit."

Another resident said: "We have been treated badly. From Brackenbrae to the town centre, not one pavement has been treated.

"There are a lot of elderly people in that area and something needs to be done."

However, Councillor McNair defended the local authority and said a need to preserve the grit supply was the reason many pavements had not been treated.

She said: "We have grit for 12 days and the reason for not gritting pavements and side streets is to preserve the supply.

"If East Dunbartonshire Council tried to do the whole area we would run out of salt very quickly, it can't be done. We are trying to manage what we've got and what we are doing is allowing us to keep priority routes open at all times."

A spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council said: "The council received an additional delivery this week.

"We are currently reducing our usage of salt in line with Scottish Government recommendations."

The spokesperson added: "Like other local authorities we are mixing salt with grit."