Let the pothole war commence


Pothole-haters across the country will soon unite to make a stance against the all-too common road menace.

The second National Pothole Day will be held on January 15, 2016, when motorists will be encouraged to report the worst potholes on our roads.

The aim is to make local councils sit up, take notice and tackle the problem that causes damage to hundreds of thousands of vehicles every year.

Following the success of the inaugral day in January 2015, the organisers decided to bring National Pothole Day back for a re-run.

It is being organised by an independent transport company, Street Repairs, which has developed a real-time online system for reporting potholes.

Founder Colin Mahoney said: “The reaction to the first National Pothole Day was overwhelming with the national press, Sky TV, ITV, BBC, all greeting its launch with enthusiasm.

“Reports of potholes increased dramatically with over 88 per cent of reports now relating directly to potholes.

“It increases awareness nationally of the seriousness of the problems and potential dangers relating to the disrepair of our roads.

“After the success of the 2015 campaign, many thousands of our followers and supporters have asked us to highlight the seriousness of this major problem yet again.”

Although Street Repairs allows people to note issues with street lights or signalling, pothole gripes account for almost 90 per cent of what’s reported on the website.
Local authorities have the ability to respond to the complainant by simply logging in and replying.

It also offers the reporter the opportunity to track their complaint.

Colin added: “Once again we hope the general public will showcase what their roads and communities are really like.

“We would like as many people as possible to join our pothole campaign on social media and by using our free system to highlight local issues quickly and easily.

“Let’s get the UK driving or riding on the roads they deserve and the roads their taxes have actually paid for.”

To report a pothole on National Pothole Day, visit www.streetrepairs.co.uk or download the app.