LETTER: Milngavie Road layout not fit for purpose

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Sir, – It was not surprising there was a recent serious crash on Milngavie Road. The road layout is just not fit for purpose. Road users have to make too many decisions within a very short distance and space of time. For drivers heading southbound from the Burnbrae Roundabout there is nothing much of note for the first 200 metres.

Then within a distance of some 400m they will encounter an vehicle entry on the right leading to the gym (with no right turning lane and where the right turn has also to cope with a two way cycleway) followed immediately by a vehicle entry on the left into Kelvin Timber followed by a pedestrian crossing used by pedestrians and cyclists followed by an an entry on the right serving McDonald’s followed by an entry on the right with a right turning lane leading to the Burnbrae pub and a Premier Inn followed by a junction on the left leading into the Cala development where motorists have to cross a cycleway, closely followed by a northbound bus stop immediately opposite on the northbound carriageway, followed by a southbound bus stop on the left, closely followed by a signalised pedestrian crossing, followed by a junction on the right with a right turning lane into the Mosshead Road residential hinterland, followed by a junction on the left leading to the Allander Sports Centre and two major housing developments where motorists again have to cross a two-way cycleway. At any point after the first signalised pedestrian crossing there is a possibility of a cyclist approaching on the nearside with a bright strobing headlight that will distract the attention of the motorist.

These 12 potential hazards have to be assessed and dealt with within a period of 30 seconds for that is the time it takes to traverse that section of road when travelling within the 30mph speed limit. – Yours, etc.,

Ian Lawson