Letters to the Editor - August 31, 2011

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Praise for council workers

I WISH to congratulate the Parks Department of East Dunbartonshire for their diligent labour all over Kirkintilloch, on roadside embankments and green areas in the inner housing estates. The displays of seasonal flowers are a colourful spectrum which delight all residents and visitors with their beauty. Well done gentlemen.

I would also like to include the sterling services carried out by the various units who deal with the domestic wheelie bin waste and the recycle weekly uplift. These services are so necessary and are carried out in all weathers with a cheerful comment. Well done gentlemen.

Margaret MacRae,

Westergreens Avenue,


Thank you

COULD I say a huge big thanks to Tommy Lawton and the volunteers at the Forth & Clyde Canal Society.

My brother and I made a late decision to throw a surprise Ruby Wedding Anniversary family gathering for our mum and dad. We contacted Tommy about using one of the society’s boats and he was so helpful in helping us organise things in just over a week.

On the day we had great weather, great company and a great boat and crew. Our dad even got to steer the boat, which really topped off his day. I would recommend using this great local facility to everyone in Kirkintilloch and the surrounding area.

Thanks again to the Forth & Clyde Canal Society for a very memorable day.

Gillian Rooney and

David Cook,

Ellisland Drive,


Rocking on

IN the Kirkintilloch Herald edition of March 16, you published an article entitled ‘Memories of famous Glasgow venue’.

The article told of Kirkintilloch musician Billy Rankin’s appearance at the legendary Glasgow Apollo while a band member of Nazareth in September 1981.

By way of a fortuitous accident with my car radio on the way to work one morning in June, I discovered Billy Rankin is now a DJ and a successful one at that these last four years with Rock Radio. The popular station can be found at 96.3FM.

Billy presents a lively and very informative breakfast show on Rock Radio.

While listening to Rock Radio on the way home from work that day, I discovered that the station’s drive-time show is hosted by another well-known name locally - the one and only Mr Tom Russell.

Tom also retains the Friday night rock show slot with Rock Radio - that made him a household name with Radio Clyde in the days when Tom and Radio 1’s Tommy Vance ruled the airwaves every Friday night.

On Tuesday, August 9, I went along to the Stairway Club, at 95 Union Street, in Glasgow, where Billy Rankin and highly respected original drummer with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Ted McKenna, held a guitar and drum clinic.

All those present were treated to an electrifying cornucopia of killer riffs, slick licks and some tricks from Billy - then Ted took over and gave some insightful - let there be drums - rolls and well explained drum technique.

Both Billy and Ted took turns to express their musical influences throughout their adventurous careers.

A question and answer session followed when a few secrets were revealed.

To end the night, Billy Rankin on guitar and vocals, Ted McKenna on drums and a young unknown, but highly accomplished bass guitarist played songs by the influential Alvin Lee, Paul Kossoff and Joe Walsh.

The best, however, was kept to last when, after sampling Led Zeppelin and classic Black Sabbath, Billy Rankin stepped up to the microphone and said simply “and then there was this.”

The trio then nailed a perfect live version of the Kirkintilloch musician’s solo US hit from 28 years ago - Baby Come Back - a great night.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that the four surviving members of the original Sensational Alex Harvey Band are to receive a long overdue lifetime achievement award on September 4 from the Scottish New Music Awards organisation.

The fifth member and founder of the band, Alex Harvey, was unique. As a band their Glasgow Apollo concerts at the height of their fame were . . . sensational.

Kenneth K Keir,


Dog mess disgrace

LAST Thursday my friend and I took our three-year-old sons to Peel Park to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine.Unfortunately, what should have been an enjoyable afternoon was cut short when my son slipped in some dog’s dirt whilst running on the grass.

He was covered in it, all over his shoes, leg and shorts and as children do he then proceeded to put his hands in it.

I am absolutely furious at the irresponsible attitude of certain dog owners who do not collect their own dog’s mess.

Quite frankly, there is no excuse for within 20 yards there was a well signposted dog mess bin.

On closer inspection I noted that the grass area near to the swing park was particularly filthy with lots of dog mess lying about.

Furthermore, I also noted two dogs running about off the lead with no sign of their owners.

Is it any surprise then that we have this mess to contend with.

This is a public park which is primarily for the enjoyment of the people using the facilities. It is not a toilet for dogs.

I am sure that there will be shouts of protest from dog owners to my concerns and that they will argue that those irresponsible dog owners are in the minority.

Well, if that’s the case the minority must own a lot of dogs going by the amount of dog mess that was clearly evident.

A very concerned Mother and an upset three-year-old,

Milton of Campsie.

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