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Invite to join the team

I HAVE read with interest the letters in your newspaper over the last two weeks in support of the supermarket development in Bishopbriggs town centre.

It is clear to me from reading them that the correspondents are mistaken on the aims of the Town Team, which is not an ‘anti-supermarket’ group, but a meeting of Bishopbriggs residents who want the best possible set-up for our town centre and are working to try to achieve that.

Town Team is open to any resident who wishes to come along to help with this objective and values all relevant input received.

In fact, the plans which your correspondents praise so highly have already been influenced by the activities run by the Town Team, such as:

Place check attended by well over 200 residents giving their views on what they would like to see in the town centre.

Plans developed by architects engaged by the Town Team to draw up a vision of what we want in the centre.

It should, however, be noted that several requirements put forward by local residents have not been met.

These could be accommodated by further changes to the plans, which would give additional benefits to the community.

For example: The supermarket is considerably larger than is needed by the population of Bishopbriggs.

A smaller one would reduce the expected volume of traffic on our residential roads resulting from the proposed store (30,000 customers to the store per week has been quoted, the majority arriving by car), also reducing the additional level of pollution.

We are already one of the top 21 pollution hotspots in Scotland.

There are no additional facilities being provided for the young people of the town.

The majority of the space is being taken up by the supermarket and its car park. A smaller store would allow space for such facilities.

The position of the supermarket means that it does not meet the requirements set by the council: it is not linked to the existing centre, being more than 250 yards from it, so that existing shops are unlikely to benefit from extra shoppers visiting the new store.

In fact, it is likely to lead to empty units and a potential increase in vandalism.

It is also further away from public transport links.

As I said before, like your correspondents, I want to look forward to a town centre which is safe, inviting and interesting to visit.

I believe that there is still work to be done to achieve this. I therefore invite your correspondents, and anyone else who has input, to come along to Bishopbriggs Library at 6pm on Wednesdays to help us in achieving our objectives.

Pat McBride,

Bishopbriggs Town Team.

New store welcomed

I AM writing to express my surprise and anger at the negative responses to the Bishopbriggs Town Plan.

I am sure that I am not the only person in this town who is delighted that the project could bring much needed jobs to our community.

The shops, including the supermarket, at Bishopbriggs Cross have been vital employers for young people.

At a time when youth unemployment is reaching dizzying heights, it saddens me to see people oppose a development that could lead to new jobs.

Not so long ago many Bishopbriggs residents objected to the expansion of Strathkelvin Retail Park. However, I am quite sure if those same individuals were asked – and gave an honest answer – their opinion now would be very different.

Our town centre has been suffering for some time with restaurants, coffee shops and even the clothes shops now located at the far end of the town.

No one has any reason to stop and explore the town centre. Any new developments that could encourage people back to the town centre to use what local cafes and restaurants the town still has should be encouraged.

I’ve also witnessed complaints about the proposed size of the new Morrisons supermarket and car park. Once again, we all need to look at what this town is facing. The area is currently a wasteland.

Are we all going to stay firmly in the past and watch on as our community is lost forever? I for one feel the new development would be a much-needed and welcome addition.

Mrs Lyons,


Torrance footpaths

MAY I correct an error from last week?

Apparently the great work on the footpaths in Torrance was organised by TCCI, the Torrance Community Council Initiative.

They worked hard to raise some £50,000 and deserve our thanks. £2,000 of that and helpful advice were provided by East Dunbartonshire Council and funding was found from many sources.

We’d still be very happy to see folk clearing up after their dogs!

Peter White,

Hawthorn Place,


Car park accident

I WONDER if it is possible through the letters page to make an appeal to anyone who may have witnessed someone parking what, from paint scars, looks like a light blue car which collided with my wife’s car a Silver Vauxhall Zafira in Sainsbury’s car park on Friday morning, sometime between 9am and noon.

They did not have the decency to leave their details or report the accident, which caused over £1,200 of damage to her car. Kirkintilloch police are aware and details can be left with them.

Douglas Jardine,

Buchlyvie Gardens,


More bins please

I HAVE a dog and pick up after him - even when it means fighting through bushes and nettles.

I would like to point out though that I take my dog walking up Lenzie Moss every day and the place is covered in dog poo - it’s everywhere! But there are no bins in the Moss to dispose of the poo.

There is one at the entrance near the train station, but the Moss is massive and if like me you drive to the area to take your dog a walk you are expected to take the poo in a bag home with you.

My dog has three legs hence why I have to drive there.

I park at Hawthorne Avenue as you can’t get parked at the station during the day.

There is also the same problem at the park and field in Auchinloch. No bins.

If the council are going to crack down on this problem they should be installing bins in areas common with dog walkers.

Lauren Millar

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