Letters to the Editor - December 22, 2010

READERS have their say...

Praise for home carers

We would like to pay tribute to the home care teams that attend to our mother Mary Ross, four times daily.

Despite the hazardous winter conditions, they showed up "like angels in jazzy wellies and woolly hats".

Most of these ladies had to abandon their cars and come on foot, knee-deep in snow for miles.

Their sheer determination, good cheer and great kindness meant a great deal to us. Well done. Many thanks.

Merry Christmas and thanks to allied staff, district nurses, neighbours and friends who never let us down either.

M. and S. Ross and family,

Kirksyde Avenue,


Pitches too expensive

THE present bad weather has once again placed many football clubs in financial difficulties, because of the money required to use council facilities for training and playing.

The cost of astro grass pitches and indoor halls is way too high.

Recently in the Kirkintilloch Herald, James McDaid of Kirky Miners Football Club expressed concern about the money they had to pay out for the use of St Ninian's High School astro grass pitch for a match, 131, 115 plus 16 because they did not give notice of booking.

Rhondda Geekie, Council Leader tried to justify the cost. Rhondda you were so wrong, there was absolutely no sympathy shown to the club.

Politicians throughout the country never campaign to help sporting clubs. In my lifetime I have never heard of any councillors, MSPs or MP raise the subject of the difficulties facing clubs.

We have a gigantic problem at Merkland astro grass, clubs have to walk half-a-mile to the park from the dressing rooms at a cost of 90 for a full scale game.

In Lennoxtown the Initiative has given permission to Campsie Boys' Club and Campsie Black Watch Youths to decide who gets the use of the Celtic Academy astro grass pitch on Wednesday evening from 5pm to 10pm, thus depriving Campsie Minerva and Campsie Black Watch a chance of a slot, would this happen anywhere else, definitely not. It could only happen in Lennoxtown.

Campsie Black Watch, considering the success the club has brought to the village, was not given an invitation to the opening of the academy, that explains the politics of Lennoxtown.

I wrote to Peter Lawwell the chief executive of Celtic, in August to see if he could oblige with an occasional let of the astro pitch any Saturday between October and February, because of the drainage problems at the Station Road pitch that have existed since 1984, with no help from the council in the 26 years of the existence of the pitch. However, Mr Lawwell did not reply to my letter.

For the first time in 40 years Campsie Black Watch will not travel away to play in a tournament - 25 years in Deventer, Holland - purely and simply because all our fundraising money is needed to pay for these over-hiked prices clubs have to pay for the use of council facilities.

Gerry Marley,

Campsie Black Watch.

Link road concerns

While the link road will have obvious benefits I am concerned about the design of the pedestrian crossing placed on the section between the Lindsaybeg roundabout and the mainline railway bridge.

Everyone I have spoken to expected the foot and cycle path to be restored with a set of lights at the official crossing place. Unfortunately however there is just a warning sign and the traffic goes at some speed as the crossing is outside the 30mph limit and there are no road markings.

The crossing place is close to the railway walk and adjacent grounds where children play.

There will be many more children around and also more traffic when the nearby Woodilee housing estate is built.

The many walkers who previously enjoyed a pleasant walk have a choice between curtailing their walk or risking life and limb on the crossing.

It is a pity that more thought was not put in to maintaining this valuable amenity.

Harry Critchlow,

(via e-mail).

Fears over pavements

I AM writing to complain about the state of the roads and pavements in Heriot Crescent, Bishopbriggs, and surrounding area.

Since the snow and cold temperature the crescent has not had any salt put down and has only had two cursory attempts at clearing by a JCB with a snowplough attachment, both of which made the conditions worse.

It is disgraceful how it has been neglected. The council website has the statement: "The secondary routes cover local and general access roads, less used industrial roads and cul-de-sacs etc, which are only salted during prolonged periods of adverse weather."

This practice has not happened.

Additionally the refuse collection has not happened for two weeks going into the third. I understand that there was a collection of sorts, collecting from gritted main roads, but the nearest that came to Heriot Crescent was quarter of a mile away on Hilton Road. If the council collectors cannot manage to negotiate the roads, as a pensioner how can I carry refuse over considerable distances?

As a pensioner I cannot get out without risking falling on the ice. I have already fallen and injured my leg. The roads and pavements are unsafe and are a hazard to life and limb.

Susan Lynch,

(via e-mail).

Club needs support

having frequented the Kirky Miners Club for 36 years, I was appalled by the article in the Herald (December 15).

Yes there have been several incidents in the club, but this is over a two-year period.

I've been on the committee for the best part of seven years and on the whole the club has had less incidents than other premises in the town.

The outcome of this is we have had our late licence revoked for three months and can only operate till 11pm.

This has not only affected the club as a bussiness, but also local council workers whose Christmas party was ruined as they had to finish at 11pm.

To take away the extension with immediate effect has upset a lot of our members, as during the festive season we have had to cancel some of our entertainment.

I feel they did not take into account the other community-based ventures we undertake in the club, for example we accommodate the blood bank as we have no town hall and the Warm Welcome Club.

We support various charities and special needs groups in the town, to mention only a few.

I hope all the good loyal members who attend the club will stand by and support our club.

Mary Gallacher,

Waverley Cresent,