Letters to the Editor – February 1, 2012

Cllr Charles Kennedy outside Stobhill ACAD. 15.12.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Cllr Charles Kennedy outside Stobhill ACAD. 15.12.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes

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MP’s flyer under fire

I NOTICED in Jo Swinson’s latest flyer she forgets to mention all her party’s broken manifesto pledges and the hardship they are causing to hard-working families, students, the disabled and our senior citizens. Selective memory must be something required to be a politician.

Jo also forgets to mention the welfare cuts which will affect the most vulnerable in society, child benefit, housing benefit, tax credits etc.

Her coalition chancellor boasts that benefit rises will be 5.2 per cent this year, while failing to mention it would have been higher had they not changed the calculation to the lower C.P.I.

What they also failed to mention was that this rate was based on high inflation which was caused by Ms Swinson’s coalition partners’ incompetence in handling our economy.

No mention of the record levels of debt, no mention of the record levels of youth unemployment, unemployment approaching three million, why?

Yet our MP Jo Swinson goes around denying the mess they are putting this country in, the mind boggles.

Brian Markey,

Woodhill Road,


Support for Asda plan

I OFTEN wonder what planet Bishopbriggs Community Council inhabits, it certainly isn’t this one.

To claim ‘we don’t need another petrol station’ is laughable - we used to have three. Now there is only one, and for how long is anyone’s guess once the bypass opens.

Asda should be congratulated on their foresight and the bringing of long-needed investment and competition to the area.

I’ll be supporting this initiative and advising EDC Planning that the ‘community’ council doesn’t represent my views - and anyone wanting competition in fuel pricing in our town should do the same.

Raymond Okoñski

(via e-mail)

Roundabout sponsorship

AS Victor Meldrew would doubtless have said: “I don’t believe it!”

ED council is actually asking businesses and other interested parties to sponsor a roundabout!

Someone must have driven through North Lanarkshire to see what can be done with a simple roundabout . . . and a bit of civic pride.

Could this, however, be heralding the start of a new initiative - keep the place running . . .out of your own pockets?

Perhaps they will soon be asking for residents to sponsor the street they live in, with the hidden agenda that the volunteers will clear it of the myriad of plastic bags adorning bushes and trees, perhaps also helping to fill in potholes which, by sponsoring the street, become the property and responsibility of those who live there.

At the moment I am sensibly reserving judgement, but hopefully some of our concrete mistakes might at last become the home to flowers and shrubs over the summer.

That’s a cheery thought in the depths of a miserable winter, is it not?


Muirside Avenue,


Support for angling club

IN response to Harry McLaughlin’s letter (Herald, January 25).

The wise man built his house on the rock: Caurnie Angling Club have been sitting tenants since 1943.

I am in full support of Caurnie Angling Club managing Antermony Loch. They are doing a brilliant job managing it now.

The loch is open and accessible to everyone. Day tickets are available in local shops, and guest tickets via committee members, all information is online at www.antermony.com.

I have enjoyed many picnics at Antermony Loch with family members, sitting on the seats looking out over the loch.

I have gathered brambles for my jam making, leaving plenty for the wildlife.

I have sat in the car park with my severely disabled daughter, crocheting or reading, just enjoying the peace whilst the rest of my family enjoyed fishing.

My children have had a wealth of advice and time from other skilled members, and casting lessons without cost from enthusiastic members.

I would like to point out that the boathouse was renewed because the previous one was old and outgrown.

The club holds well-advertised open days for members of the public in this facility.

There have been boats on the loch for many, many years. This is not a new thing.

Check new boat launch (Herald, April 28 ,1943). There are also very strict rules on safety and life-jacket use on the loch.

A great deal of work gets done around the loch by Caurnie Angling Club and members’ working parties take place regularly throughout the year.

In these days of rising costs and countrywide recession, Caurnie Angling Club offers genuine prices to all East Dunbartonshire residents.

For parents struggling on low incomes, this club provides the opportunity for our children and young people to access an affordable club and to enjoy a great sport, a sense of community and appreciation of nature that cannot be matched by commercial fisheries.

Ann Malcolm,

Member of Caurnie

Angling Club and

Milton of Campsie


Playing politics

IF anyone is playing politics with the important issue of the Bishopbriggs town centre development it is Councillor Billy Hendry (Herald letters, January 25 - Convener hits back).

To describe the Planning Board of East Dunbartonshire Council as a “separate legal independent entity” is misleading.

The Planning Board is effectively a committee of the council and comprises all 24 elected members who have the responsibility, on a non party-political basis, for determining whether to grant or refuse consent for planning applications lodged with the council

If Bishopbriggs councillors were to follow the action Councillor Hendry has taken and withdraw from the planning decision making process in relation to the future development of the town centre, we would be leaving crucial decisions to councillors from Bearsden, Milngavie and Kirkintilloch, without any local representation or voice.

As convener of the development and infrastructure committee it should be his role, working along with all other councillors, to promote the interests of our town centre and the wider community at a strategic level.

Councillor Hendry would be better concentrating on that rather than playing politics with the planning process.

Councillor Anne McNair,

SNP Group,

East Dunbartonshire Council.

MSP is urged to think again

FIRSTLY, I commend your paper for the front page reporting of East Dunbartonshire Council’s unanimous support to our campaign to have chemotherapy delivered at our new Stobhill Hospital, in keeping with that presently serviced and provided at the new Victoria.

I attended the council meeting and was well pleased by all parties whose leaders eloquently spoke in favour of the motion that was passed without dissension

However, I was astonished and angered by Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP Fiona McLeod’s statement in your paper (Herald, January 25) on how she intends to process her constituents’ needs and interests purely on the transport issues.

Many aspects of the recent discussion Councillor Charles Kennedy and I had with her were not covered in her statement and have been clearly overlooked, such as postcode areas which fall into the catchment area of Stobhill. Also, the FOI request that Councillor Kennedy reported on regarding patient numbers for the Victoria and also the potential numbers for Stobhill.

With this information she made no comment, which leaves me suspicious that her press release was issued well ahead of our meeting?

Furthermore, I fail to understand the SNP group on EDC graciously supporting the cause with an eloquent speech by their group leader Ian MacKay and conversely our MSP’s total lack of support after her seven month deliberation on the subject.Do they sing off the same ‘hymn sheet’ - I doubt it.

I would suggest Ms McLeod should pause, listen and reflect on what her constituents’ needs are in medical terms and not transport issues, which were well covered in a paper produced by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde under the heading “Fare 4 All”.

For the interest of your readers, SPT provide transport direct to Stobhill Hospital via the numbers 128 and the 329 from Buchanan Street on a very frequent service through Possilpark, Roystonhill, Milton, Saracen, Springburn Shopping Centre with pick-ups on all routes

Our MSP should concentrate her efforts on the clinical needs of her constituents.

I would expect as a ‘clinical librarian’ she would be best placed to understand the requirements of her constituency cancer patients in their medical needs.

Failing a positive future input, I’m afraid she will fail as her MSP predecessors have done in the past.

Listen to those who voted you in.

It would certainly be very interesting to hear of your readers’ feelings on such matters

Tom Herbert,


Stobhill Campaign.

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