Letters to the Editor – February 8, 2012

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Civic pride is alive and well

IN response to Councillor Ritchie’s doom-laden warnings about making roundabouts a lot more pleasing to the eye, it comes as no surprise that if left to the council, things don’t always improve, viz. the now-crumbling Town Hall, the Co-op building, road surfaces . . . and I could go on.

It’s perhaps just as well that the public view is heard loud and clear through these pages, and he would do well to heed them.

The biggest threat to safety at roundabouts is the speed at which drivers approach them, the lack of signalling, and the do-it-yourself signs and adverts which do occasionally spring up ( bedsheets with Happy Birthday scrawled on them - awful to the eye and embarrassing).

Some flowers, low-growing shrubs and a general face-lift would do our local concrete blips a world of good. Civic pride is alive and well here in Kirkintilloch.


Muirside Avenue,


Concern for Lenzie shops

HOW many of my fellow Lenzonians share my dismay at the diminishing quality and quantity of shops in Lenzie both north and south of the railway bridge?

In recent months we have lost a quality delicatessen (Peckhams) and a long established bakers (James Allan).

The former’s premises are lying empty and the latter has been replaced with a furniture upholstery company.

In a small row of shops we have two estate agents separated by a chemist and a Post Office and travel agency.

South of the railway bridge we have a number of shops lying empty including a former doctor’s surgery.

Yes, we have a small supermarket and a good selection of restaurants – both sit-in and takeaway, but I fear Lenzie is heading the same way as Kirkintilloch - many small and family owned firms being driven out of business.

Concerned Lenzie Shopper,

Name and address supplied.

Support for angling club

WE write to express our wholehearted support for the bid by Caurnie Angling Club to acquire Antermony Loch.

This long established club is a not-for-profit organisation open to membership by all the residents of the local area.

As tenants they have properly managed the loch; certainly for the past 40 years.

Were the club to acquire the loch we are sure this would be in the best interests of the people of the local community.

We would be appalled to see the loch commercialised.

Any alternative to the club’s bid would surely be a for-profit venture.

When natural amenities fall into the hands of private individuals seeking to make a profit there is always the danger that, ultimately, this would not be in the best interests of the community at large.

If the council has to sell the loch it ought to be for the greater good.Antermony Loch is a natural loch perfect for fishing and, in our opinion, Caurnie Angling Club is the ideal organisation to own and manage it.

J C C Ferguson

Burniebrae Farm,

Milton of Campsie

J Morton

Lochmill Farm,

Milton of Campsie

Committee hits back

IN response to Mr Mclaughlin’s letter, in your January 25 issue.

The Caurnie Angling Club would like to comment that: until we saw his letter, we had never heard of him and that he was not present during the events he commented on.

We conclude therefore that he is firing someone else’s bullets.

Unfortunately, these are blanks, because the version of events presented does not match the records or recollections of the several club members, and of other third parties, with no allegiance to the club, who were present at that time.

Also, allegations were made regarding the conduct of the club that are untrue.

Caurnie Angling Club


Headline news

I REFER to the page 13 headline of last week ‘SNP councillor’s outburst over tribute to The Queen.’

I was not present at the meeting and therefore I am not familiar with the tone of the discussion. However, I have the sense that your headline referring to an ‘outburst’ may misrepresent the position.

An ‘outburst’ has the dictionary definition of a sudden violent expression of feeling. Councillor Douglas was pointing out, as I understand it, that to put up signs in Scotland referring to the ‘Queen Elizabeth II Fields’ would in fact incorporate an historical inaccuracy.

The relationship of Scotland with England has been referred to as being ‘In Bed with an Elephant,’ a phrase originally coined by Pierre Trudeau when Prime Minister of Canada and referring to his country’s relationship with USA.

The phrase has since been used by Ludovic Kennedy and P H Scott in their writings about Scotland. Such a situation has led over the years to various efforts to diminish the history, culture and customs of Scotland.

How often have we been gratuitously insulted by people from England referring to ‘England’ when they should be referring to the UK? How often have members of the Royal Family and UK government members, with even less excuse, committed the same mistake?

In any event, how much effort would be required to arrange in Scotland for the manufacture of the signs to omit II?

Is it really necessary for our council in exchange for receiving some funding to suspend disbelief and to agree to the erection of signs within East Dunbartonshire containing information which is patently wrong?

Ian W Thomson,

Kirkintilloch Road,


Club president makes his point

I REFER to a letter from Mr Harry McLaughlin criticising the Caurnie Angling Club and its stewardship of Antermony Loch. My first reaction was to write a very angry letter to the Kirkintilloch Herald refuting all that was said in his letter, but then on second thoughts I decided not to do so because at this juncture we are in serious discussions with East Dunbartonshire Council and to engage in any dialogue with Mr McLaughlin would, I fear, be a total waste of time.

The reasons why, in our opinion, the loch and fishings should remain with the angling club are well documeted and all the councillors sitting on the relevant committee have been circulated with all necessary information to allow them to make a final decision, which I sincerely hope will favour this angling club, which has rented the loch since 1943.

David Thomson,

President, Caurnie Angling Club.

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