Letters to the Editor – January 25, 2012

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Convener hits back

IN response to Councillor Ian Mackay’s letter (Herald, January 18) I feel I must clarify the matter he raised.

There are no restrictions on my role as convener of development and infrastructure as a result of stating my opposition to Morrisons’ initial plans.

It is worrying that Councillor Mackay, in his senior role as leader of the SNP opposition, doesn’t seem to have any understanding of how the responsibility of a councillor on the planning board differs from every other function of the council; put simply it is a separate legal independent entity and he really should be aware of this.

The issue of Bishopbriggs town centre is a serious matter which will have consequences for the next few decades.

I think residents would rather Ian Mackay make constructive comments and not play politics with this important issue.

Councillor Billy Hendry,

East Dunbartonshire Council.

Pothole dodging

WHO needs Xbox or other similar Internet-based entertainment for thrills and excitement when we in East Dunbartonshire can take part every day in that death-defying, thrill-a-minute, heart-stopping game called ‘Dodge the Pothole’.

Try travelling from here through North Glasgow, and, if you survive, you’ll agree that life’s definitely precious.

Even Kirky’s own Tesco has a whopper lying in wait for the unsuspecting shopper.

And we haven’t seen the worst of the winter yet.

What is seriously worrying though, is that our council appears to feel that all motorists can so expertly memorise their routes that they all instinctively know when to swerve and avoid that next pothole.

Pity that they don’t view as equally serious the consequences to general road safety, not to mention the survival of vehicle suspensions.

Fact is, we all do need to drive more slowly and carefully. It’s a scary world out there on our roads.


Muirside Avenue,


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