Letters to the Editor - January 4, 2012

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Gritting woe

FURTHER to the comments in last week’s paper regarding the gritting of our streets ... or should I say the lack of gritting? The council needs to realise we all pay council tax and therefore we are all entitled to get our streets gritted sometime during the bad weather.

I have been asking for our street to be added to the list as I work as an on-call driver for the emergency services and if I was unable to get out of the street it could put somebody’s life in danger, but the council don’t care about that.

They can’t even be bothered to grit around the local schools to allow our children to walk safely on the footpath.

It is about time the council faced up to its responsibilities and gave the public what it is paying its taxes for instead of just wasting it on things like the Lenzie traffic improvement scheme when we now have a new link road totally bypassing it.

Derek Pye

(via e-mail)

REGARDING your article on gritting The Loaning, Greens Avenue, Greens Crescent and Parkburn Avenue, I fully support Tommy Cairney.

I would also like to make David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, aware there are two clerk of works living in The Loaning.

We both have a great deal of experience of gritting and understand the smart card system – ie if the road is not programmed into the system it will not be gritted.

These vehicles also have a warning system that lets them know if no grit is being spread when the system is blocked or has run out of grit.

As for the footpaths they are a TOTAL disgrace – especially the walkway to Civic Way – and were never treated. This is the route most people, old and young, from this area use to go to the bus stops and they also pay their council tax and rent.

I find the lackadaisical attitude of Mr Divine and East Dunbartonshire councillors an insult to residents in this area.

After all, as soon as we get to the council offices, low and behold, the footpath is clear for you to make your payments safely.

Concerned Resident,

(details supplied).

Kirkintilloch Town Hall

IT is an inevitable outcome for any building which is not maintained to deteriorate over years of neglect, especially one which is of some age. It is obvious to me that the council had an agenda in making sure that seven years of no heating, no air circulation by use and total disregard to keeping the building watertight would achieve their obvious objective – to eventually be allowed to demolish this building.

Kirkintilloch is desert of community buildings of any architectural merit whatsoever. They have allowed this lone example of a once-attractive building to be destroyed.

It is the same scenario being employed with Springburn Town Hall – an eyesore now every time you approach Springburn Cross.

Once again the ‘Philistine’ attitude of councillors to preserving our heritage is exposed. It really is very sad that we are served by councillors who are incapable of understanding that our local heritage is important.

David M. Martyn,

(via e-mail).

Bishopbriggs town centre planning

THE continuing and heightened debate over the future development of Bishopbriggs town centre (Bishopbriggs Herald, December 28 – ‘Stand up and be counted’) prompts us, Bishopbriggs councillors in the Labour Group of East Dunbartonshire Council, to make the following observation.

All three Bishopbriggs Labour councillors live in the town and have brought our families up here. We socialise as well as shop in Bishopbriggs and therefore have a personal interest in what happens to our town centre.

All East Dunbartonshire elected councillors are members of the planning committee and are able to vote on planning applications which come to the committee.

Clearly this is a vital and conclusive part in the success or failure of any planning application.

Members of the planning committee (ie all councillors) are required by planning regulations to be impartial and not to show bias to either side before the matter is heard in committee.

This is an important safeguard and if a member fails in this regard he/she will not be allowed to vote on the planning application.

This does not preclude councillors engaging in balanced debate, to listen and to advise, so long as impartiality is not compromised.

We Bishopbriggs councillors of the Labour Group consider that our votes on the planning committee are vital to our desire to obtain the best deal for the development of our town centre and should not be given up lightly.

We take the view that all Bishopbriggs councillors should protect their vote on the planning committee.

To do otherwise and lose the power of that vote would be a disservice to the people of Bishopbriggs.

We want to be part of the decision-making process rather than have a decision made on our town centre solely by councillors from other areas.

Councillor Una Walker,

Councillor Alan Moir,

Councillor Michael O’Donnell.

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