Letters to the Editor – Kirky Hub, Briggs town centre, speeding and post office

27.8.12 Photograph Paul McSherry. Opening of Kirkintilloch William Patrick Library Hub.'Leader of the Council Cllr Rhondda Geekie.'Photo by Paul Mc Sherry 27th Aug 2012.
27.8.12 Photograph Paul McSherry. Opening of Kirkintilloch William Patrick Library Hub.'Leader of the Council Cllr Rhondda Geekie.'Photo by Paul Mc Sherry 27th Aug 2012.

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Hub petition ‘ignored’

THE Kirkintilloch community hub opened last week.

Despite Councillor Geekie and Mr Cornes putting the best possible spin on it, the reality is a significantly reduced library service and a relocation of offices from Tom Johnston House.

Obviously the library staff are not high profile in the report/photographs as there is no direct librarian representation on the Leisure and Culture Trust.

The public should be aware of the following facts which were obtained from the council website.

1. Mr Cornes, chief executive stated (Herald, June 20) that 53 per cent of respondents to the IBP consultation supported the concept of a community hub, 22 per centdisagreed and 24 per cent were not sure. (N.B. there was no mention of location or format)

2. The IBP report stated that only 47 per cent of respondents supported the idea, 20 per cent disagreed, 21 per cent were not sure and 11 per cent made no comment. (which is unsurprising as no detail was given)

3. The council and their officials appear to have disregarded the 11 per cent who made no comment and only considered those who made a specific response.

This then turned a 47 per cent minority into a 53 per cent majority.

This is reprehensible given that these 11 per cent did return their survey forms.

4. From the council’s own figures, 1,481 responses to the IBP “consultation” were received - 696 agreed with the “concept” of a community hub.

However, from the area returns made, 19 per cent were from Kirkintilloch and 8 per cent were from Lenzie.

Therefore approximately 132 people from Kirkintilloch and 56 from Lenzie agreed with the “concept” of a community hub.

This means that less than 200 people in the Kirkintilloch and Lenzie area supported the idea.

However, over 2,000 people in the Kirkintilloch and Lenzie area signed a petition asking the council to reconsider. THEY WERE IGNORED!

The people of Kirkintilloch and the surrounding areas have been misinformed, not properly consulted and it is clear that from the very beginning, (when the plans for a hub were only made available two weeks before the library closed) that all the major decisions had already been taken and would not be changed.

Far from representing those who voted for them, our councillors are not prepared to listen.

Name and address supplied

Shunted into a corner

AS I read your report on the opening of the new Kirkintilloch community hub (Herald, August 29), I allowed myself a wry little smile.

In a blaze of self-satisfied glory the council’s controversial plans have been implemented despite a sustained barrage of vociferous criticism from all quarters.

“The library has been reduced in size, but books will still form a major part of the site . . . and it will still retain the William Patrick name.”

Books indeed! Library indeed! William Patrick must be spinning in his grave.

Our once magnificent memorial library has been systematically, if not furtively, shunted to its new status, a corner of the “pioneering” new Kirkintilloch Community Hub building.

All that remains to be done is the removal of the big green LIBRARY sign above the main entrance of the new HUB.

In the same week the council have managed to move to new offices and transfer virtually all connection with the public to what was once a leisure facilty on the main street.

Janette Quinn

(by email)

Missing the point

I FEEL the series of recent letters arguing in favour of the proposed new Morrisons store in Bishopbriggs town centre miss the point.

It is not a question of whether the old high school site should be developed or not – of course nobody in Bishopbriggs wants a huge derelict site for a long time.

The question has always been how best to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop something of real benefit to the wider community of Bishopbriggs.

It is also a question of what Bishopbriggs aspires to. If we just want it to be a place where people from all around come to shop, then fine.

But I believe we can aspire to better things than that.

A new supermarket may be part of the solution, but I don’t believe it represents the full extent of the community’s aspirations.

Town Team and other groups have been working for a long time on this greater vision – with the hope of seeing something happen that will benefit the whole community, young and old alike, and beyond just shopping.

With Morrisons now the owners of the majority of the town centre, there continues to be a great opportunity to develop, with them, the wider town centre in imaginative ways that will benefit everybody.

Mick Ashworth,

St Mary’s Road,


Well Dunn the Herald

CONGRATULATIONS to the Herald on having secured such an eminent consultant cardiologist as Dr.Dunn.

We have our Herald delivered every week and look forward to his column - as well as other information and adverts.

As before, Dr Dunn’s column ‘Heart of the Matter’ brings a ray of hope and realism to your readers. We know how busy the demands on his time are, but his medical professional views are a delight to read.

They not only bring his professional, practical advice to us in our senior life stages, but bring a therapeutic and calming medical sense of realism and confidence to us.

Today, with such medical technology advances, Dr Dunn in his professional, but sensitive, witty approach, helps so much to take the fear out of what may befall us as we get older - and gives us the confidence to ‘face the fear’ and let our own GP’s clearly know our worries and symptoms.

Dr Dunn is taking away the barriers of facing old age, medical deterioration in a way that encourages us to ‘face reality’ - but at the same time realise with some optimism that we are not doomed because old age deteriorations are real, but can be faced by alerting our GPs and accept what is needed to help.

His professional advice, coupled with less stressful approach to older age illnesses and natural physical deterioration gives us a reassurance that we are not alone.

By adding in the example of the Chic Murray scenario, he is is enriching our mental state to getting older, and in a unique professional way being supportive and encouraging us to make us less stressed about our situation and know we have whatever medical GP support and expertise we require.

We hope his column is continued to inspire, calm and motivate us more to face life and engage positively in our senior stages of life.

Mr and Mrs Joyce,

Dunvegan Drive,


Speeding question

HAVING read last week’s Herald letters page a few people have written about the speed limits in the Kirkintilloch area.

I would like to know why the speed limit on “Initiative Road” is 30mph. In my opinion there is no need for this on this road, there are no houses and the cut off to the houses is via a roundabout. How do others feel about this, it beggars belief that there are back roads with speeds up to 60mph and yet these modern roads. including the M80, have lower speeds than these back roads,

N. Graham

(via e-mail)

Thank you driver

RECENTLY the driver of the 88 bus helped me to a front seat as I was a bit unwell. Thanks driver, you’re a good man.

John Forsyth, Lenzie.

Post Office meeting

I’M surprised Mr Reid opposes the Protect our Post Offices public meeting that I chaired in Lennoxtown last week.

As he notes himself, I called the public meeting in response to the 500 Milton of Campsie and Lennoxtown constituents who have written to me supporting their local Post Offices and demanding the Government support them.

The public meeting was well attended and my constituents were able to hear from and question a panel comprising representatives of Post Office Ltd and Consumer Focus respectively, the Shadow Post Office Minister, and Mr Avtar Hoonjan the Lennoxtown subpostmaster.

The long term sustainability of our Post Offices was discussed by panel and audience and the meeting expressed clearly the view of local people that the imminent DVLA contract must be awarded to Post Office.

The feedback I received from those in attendance at the meeting was positive.

Gregg McClymont MP

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