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BISHOPBRIGGS Town Team were pleased by the decision of the EDC Planning Board to refuse permission for the proposed new Morrisons store in Bishopbriggs Town Centre.

We feel that this decision recognized the strength of feeling in the town, that there are significant issues with the plans as submitted, and that this is an opportunity for something better for our community.

However, we recognize that this is only a good thing if it ultimately results in better proposals coming, and more suitable plans which will better meet the needs of our whole community – something the Town Team have always argued for on behalf of the residents of Bishopbriggs.

We therefore look forward to future opportunities to engage with all the stakeholders involved in this project to ensure the best outcome for our town.

Bishopbriggs Town Team

COULD we please thank all the staff at the Birdston day centre for their recent fish and chips night which everyone thourougly enjoyed.

The time and effort the staff put into all the centres activities deserves high praise. I know it must be difficult to maintain a cheerful and proffesional attitude at all times, but the Birdston staff always seem to maage it.

The Birdston gang

A BIG thank you to the ladies and the gentleman who rushed to my assistance in Union Street, Kirkintilloch, on Tuesday (16 April) when I bumped my head after being blown off my feet with the strong gusting wind.

Your kindness and your help and advice, as well as the paper handkerchiefs to stem the blood, were appreciated .

I’m happy to report that I’m fully recovered following a check up at Stobhill Minor Injuries Clinic, where the staff also deserve praise for their prompt and sympathetic attention.

Mary Milne

Via email

I NOTE an interesting contrast in Robert Penney’s letters, one of his memories of Townhead school, the other of Margaret Thatcher.

She may well have matched, to a degree of sorts, his rather over-emphasised description . . . greatest, sincere, massive in character and majestic, and yet he fails to mention or accept the blatant culpability in her handling of the mines and subsequently the miners and their families, and ditto the Scottish steel and related industries in Gartcosh (my home village) and Motherwell.

While her defence of the Falklands is clearly understandable and acceptable, Tam Dalzell MP never could get a proper answer to his accusatory question on the sinking of the Belgrano, which has always been reckoned to have been her direct order.

Maybe Mr Penney could have researched her being got rid of at the hands of her own party colleagues instead of being almost musical in his admiration of this never to be forgotten lady . . . never to be forgotten here in Scotland and the North of England for the ever-lasting harm she inflicted; harm which almost certainly out-weighs any good imposed.

Charles Gray,


I AM one of 24,660 residents of Bishopbriggs who didn’t complain to the Council regarding the proposed new Morrisons Superstore in the town centre. Why have they rejected the Morrisons planning application?

1 - It will provide much needed employment.

2 - It will attract many people to the town.

3 - It will make good use of a derelict site.

4 - The proposed long stay car park is an added bonus. The town centre is sadly lacking parking facilities.

Why not put it to the vote - YES or NO? Let the residents decide, after all, it is their town.

Mary Ibbotson,

Muirton Drive,


REFERRING to the article entitled: ”New Chapter for Library”, which ran in last week’s Herald, it might appear, on first reading, that the refurbishments to what used to be called “The William Patrick Library” were being hailed a resounding success.

Not necessarily so! A statistic taken out of context can be used to prove anything.

It is of course a good thing that more people are now using our library, but perhaps it has come about on a “use it or lose it” basis.

Locals, I think, have been given a real fright when they see what a council can do in a town, and have shown complete support for a building and service which once we took for granted.

It has been saved, but only just, and I feel that people are now more disposed to support it than they were in the past.

As to whether it is a “great success” to have a huge number of books still shut away in the basement, to have a community hub with its associated noise, people scurrying around, someone shouting on a mobile phone (and this was the impression I got from my visit last week), the jury is definitely still out . . . and will remain out for some considerable time.


Muirside Avenue,


I AM writing again to further underline my disgust at the objections to the new Morrisons in Bishopbriggs, and the council’s lack of desire to enhance the amenities in our town.

350 letters of objection? I am sure there are more than 350 people in favour, except that people don’t write letters in favour.

We simply pick up your paper, read the news and are excited at the potential of these new developments.

Just because we don’t write to the council about being in favour of something does not mean that our voices should be any less powerful than the 350 who objected.

As a Woodhill resident I pass the former high school site every single day and am quite frankly sick of seeing such a vast amount of wasteland in the town.

Considering the potential of this Morrisons development and the many benefits it could bring - it is beyond me that people continue to find fault.

I find it difficult to understand why people continually use the ‘detrimental impact on local businesses’ line - considering Bishopbriggs Cross is littered with more chains than independent shops e.g. Aulds, Subway, Greggs, Superdrug... (need I go on) - how could an improved Morrisons impact this further?

P Robinson,


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