Letters to the Editor - November 14 – roads, rights and parking

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Rights at work row

MY fellow East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson is Business Minister in the Tory led Government.

In this position Ms Swinson now demands my constituents rights at work are put up for sale.

Yes, Ms Swinson and her Tory friend George Osborne want my constituents to trade away their hard won rights to things like maternity pay, redundancy pay and protection from unfair dismissal in return for a few quid in shares.

I know this wretched Tory led Government has no idea how to stimulate growth and jobs, but bribing workers to give up their employment rights is a new low.

It is getting clearer by the day that the Tories, aided and abetted by their faithful Government partners the Liberal Democrats, are determined to return Britain to the Thatcher days.

Perhaps Ms Swinson can explain to your readers why she is cheerleading for the Tory led Government in its ploy to reduce my constituents and her’s rights at work? So much for progressive Liberal Democrats!

Gregg McClymont,

(MP for Kirkintilloch East, Lennoxtown and Milton of Campsie)

Call to end long running road dispute

THE SNP group at East Dunbartonshire Council has tabled a motion to be debated and voted upon on Thursday (Nov 15) at the next full council meeting.

The motion proposes that the council puts an end to years of second class treatment and “ghetto-isation” of the residents of Netherton Oval in Lennoxtown and finally agrees to start working with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde on facilitating the adoption of their road, giving them the same rights and services enjoyed by other council tax payers all over Scotland.

The Labour/Tory and Lib-Dem Administration at the council has repeatedly pointed out in the past that the road is not at an adoptable standard and that the ownership lies with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (who have also been less than fair in their treatment of the residents).

This, however, is a case of the administration citing council protocol for their own convenience.

I could point out many instances where they have broken this protocol when it has suited their own agenda.

For instance, they have claimed in the past that members of the council can’t initiate the adoption of a road and that they have to be approached by the road owners.

Why is it then that a local Labour councillor of many years, who has continuously refused to help these people, wrote to the residents of the new houses at Campsie Village (100 yards from Netherton Oval) triumphantly claiming the credit for getting their road adopted.

Does he deem these people in the £200,000 houses to be more important?

I recently ran against Labour candidate Gemma Welsh and others in a local by-election for this ward, which she won in what was a well and fairly contested election.

In a public hustings at Campsie Memorial Hall she took great exception to one candidate suggesting that she would always vote the way her party told her to, claiming that she would always do what she thought was right regardless of the”Party Line”.

Well, Councillor Welsh, I think that if you look at the facts of this case and speak to the residents of Netherton Oval there is only one right way to vote.

I urge you to be as good as your word and vote for this motion.

Billy Hutchison,


Parking concerns

I READ with interest last week’s Kirkintilloch Herald, front page re; parking at the new Health and Care Centre.

I have to say I had an appointment at the health centre two weeks ago and although I have a disabled badge, I could not get parked as all the spaces were taken.

I sat for a few minutes only to see that there had been a funeral at the miners and even the cars in the disabled spaces were occupied, not all of them had badges. Perhaps this is why there is sometimes a “gridlock” in the car park.

Dawn Gray

Shocked by removal of wreath

I AM writing to express my shock, disgust and absolute disgrace at what I found during a stroll through the cenotaph at Peel Park in the middle of the week.

The wreath laid down by a local organization was removed for the third year in a row.

A week past on Saturday a parade for Remembrance was held for our fallen soldiers of the Great Wars and every war that has been fought by British Servicemen and Women of ever race, creed and colour by the Loyal Orange Lodge No. 206.

Not only was it a sombre and poignant parade, but one which was close to the heart of our members who have two young members serving in Afghanistan at present.

Also during the wreath laying service, a 91-year-old veteran and a member’s grandfather laid the wreath himself.

So to find it had been removed again three years in a row isn’t merely coincidence.

Whoever did this should be ashamed.

Name and address supplied

(via e-mail)

A sparkling success

LAST Monday evening, November 5, my wife and I took our daughter to Strathclyde Country Park for the annual fireworks display.

What a great night we had.The display was fantastic and FREE. Well done North and South Lanarkshire councils for putting on this event once more, particularly at a time when councils are struggling with their budgets.

The fireworks display is a great family fun event. Long may it continue

Grateful parent

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