Letters to the Editor - November 16, 2011

Kirkintilloch Town Hall
Kirkintilloch Town Hall

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Phone mast decision

I AM bewildered and extremely disappointed that the Directorate of Environmental Appeals overturned the decision of East Dunbartonshire Council planning board in relation to the planning application to erect a mobile mast at Angus Avenue (Bishopbriggs Herald, November 2).

It was my opinion, and that of the planning board, that the mast would have an overbearing presence on the local residents of Angus Avenue and the local environment.

This was one of the sound planning reasons why the planning board refused the application.

The Scottish Government Reporter agreed that the proposal would NOT be in accordance with the development plan and that local residential amenity would be reduced as a result.

The Reporter based his decision on material considerations that no alternative suitable site could be found and the importance attached to the provision of high quality telecommunications facilities.

Many local residents would strongly disagree regarding the lack of alternative sites.

Many will appreciate applicants having the right to appeal planning board decisions, but will equally question why do we have developed local plans and where is the respect to local accountability?

Councillor Alan Moir,

Bishopbriggs South,

East Dunbartonshire Council.

Support for town hall restoration

WITH reference to the lead article in last week’s Kirkintilloch Herald in which Councillor Charles Kennedy called for the demolishing of our “ rundown” Town Hall, I would like to tell him that I fear that he is underestimating the level of public support that exists for the restoration project.

He may be (quote) biting the wrong bullet in asking for the town to accept what he seems to see as the inevitable.

The real bullet to bite, in my view (and I suspect in the view of many others), is that of key funding which needs to happen to renew and secure the life of this formidable structure.

To publish his comments on the Herald’s front page is to give them credence which perhaps they do not merit.

Looking along Cowgate towards the library is depressing from an architectural perspective. The buildings are mostly ugly and totally devoid of any character, in total contrast to the once-magnificent structure in Union Street.

As a town and community, if we keep destroying our past in the hope of creating a hoped-for better present, we will end up with very little which we can say is genuinely ours.

I fully commend the efforts of the Preservation Trust committee, and I am sure that this rather misleading article from Mr Kennedy does not distract them from the worthy task that they have undertaken.


Muirside Avenue,


Town needs a public hall

SADLY and reluctantly I feel I have to agree with Councillor Charles Kennedy’s comments in last week’s Herald regarding Kirkintilloch Town Hall.

The building has been closed for seven years and obviously very little maintenance, if any, has been carried out on it.

My fear is that it is now beyond saving.

It’s ridiculous that a town the size of Kirkintilloch does not have a public hall.

Hopefully the consultation on the masterplan for Kirkintilloch town centre will identify the need for a new hall that can cater for a wide-range of activities, including public meetings and gatherings.

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was taking my daughter to the Kirky Players’ panto in the town hall or I was attending the Save Stobhill meetings.

There’s no doubt that the Kirkintilloch Town Hall Preservation Trust has to be congratulated on its hard work and dedication, but when you look at the state of the building would it not be better all round to fight for a new building?

The council elections are just around the corner and I feel this will be a big issue on the doorsteps in Kirkintilloch.

Of course there will always be differing views and opinions, but I feel Councillor Kennedy has come out and said what many people, perhaps not the majority, are thinking.

Herald reader

(details supplied)

Bird food for thought

COULD I make an appeal to people to stop throwing food out for the birds on public ground.

Birds do not eat potato peelings, soup or sausages, well not those indigenous to Scotland.

Apart from the mess you are making on the grass you are inviting dogs to eat the rubbish that you cannot be bothered to put in your bin and you are making them ill.

I am all for feeding the birds in the winter, but from what I can gather nuts and seeds put out in your own garden works very well!

Concerned resident,

Ellisland Drive,


Town hall

WITH reference to the front page article in the Kirkintilloch Herald of November, 2 about Councillor Kennedy calling for the Town Hall to be demolished, I contacted Historic Scotland. When there were first rumours about the Town Hall, I took photographs of the building and sent them to Historic Scotland requesting the building to be listed.

Today, Craig Dixon of Historic Scotland confirmed that the building became B listed in 2002, and cannot be demolished on a whim. About a year or so ago one of the members of the Kirkintilloch Initiative informed me on the phone that the council wanted this land as a prime development site.

This is obviously why the council has not given the Town Hall Preservation Trust any support. The people of Kirkintilloch want their Town Hall not some pokey hut in the library. The Town Hall Trust must be given all the time it requires to obtain the funding to bring the building back to its former glory.

Penelope E. A. Sinclair,


Mavis Valley

I AM about to research the history of Mavis Valley and I would like to hear from anyone who has personal recollections of that village. Also anyone who has stories passed onto them by relatives or others who lived there.

I would welcome letters, but I do not require photographs at present.

W Findlay,

Flat 64,

Bishop’s Gate,

20 Kenmure Drive,


G64 2RJ.

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