Letters to the Editor - October 12, 2011

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Lenzie station parking

OVER the last 15 years or so there has been a campaign by some folk in Lenzie to prevent cars from parking in certain streets at Lenzie Station.

Apparently the sight of cars parked legally can cause severe anxiety to these poor souls and for whatever reason they seem to believe that it is fine to park on some streets, but not in ‘Old Lenzie’ . That’s democracy at work.

However, it would appear that with recent council decisions there will, due to lack of funding, be no banning of vehicles in the streets near to Lenzie Station .

Interestingly, I received a news letter today from our Councillor Jarvis (she has campaigned for years over this issue ), who has asked for residents’ views on introducing a parking fee to park in and around the station area under the guise that it would improve parking management.

It would also, by default, achieve the objective of the householders in ‘Old Lenzie’ of banning cars parking whilst they travel to the places of employment, as no-one would pay to park and the payments would only allow short time parking.

The railway station has been in Lenzie for many years. Commuters have parked at the station for years. It is legal.

There is no other place to park (unless we all park in other streets further away which may well happen).

This obsession by Councillor Jarvis regarding the parking of cars in ‘Old Lenzie’ does her no credit whatsoever when we see the shops in Kirkintilloch go out of business and the threat of the giant Teso arriving destroying our town, with no signs of opposition from our councillors.

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Praise for road race organisers

I WOULD like to pass on my most sincere thanks and appreciation to the good folks of East Dunbartonshire.

I ran the Neil McCover Half Marathon on Sunday as a (successful) attempt to get the Guinness World Record for the fastest half marathon dressed as a Doctor in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Scotland (www.justgiving.com/Ewan-Jack).

The organisation of this race by Kirkintilloch Olympians, under the direction of Robert Rogerson, really was second to no other race that I have competed in over the past 20 years.

Neil would have been so proud of the effort and support that everyone, from the rain lashed marshals to the police and staff at the Leisure centre, gave to me and every single one of the other runners.

Despite the weather and the undulating course, everyone seemed to be determined to have a great time and even the drivers were patient enough to allow us all to run to the best of our abilities. Thanks again and roll on next year!

Ewan Jack,



Olympians are in good hands

IT was memory-stirring to read of the celebration of the formation of Kirky Olympians and I admit it was an honour and a pleasure to be involved in the exciting formative years. Each day was a new challenge as we stretched the boundaries.

Happy birthday Kirkintilloch Olympians and best wishes for many more of them.

The club was renowned for taking new things on and it is heartening to see they are in good hands with a progressive management team.

One point I would like to emphasise is that it was Terry Rooney who had the vision of an athletics club for Kirkintilloch and he takes sole credit for that - it was his drive and desire to found the club that brought Gordon, John and I onboard.

Henry Docherty,

Applecross Road,


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