Letters to the Editor – October 19, 2011

Kirkintilloch Town Hall
Kirkintilloch Town Hall

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Town hall memories

IT was good to see Kirkie Town Hall featured in your window on the past page (Herald, October 12).

I am sure that, like me, many readers can recall lots of enjoyable occasions when the hall was at its marvellous, multi-functional best . . . dances, plays, concerts, weddings, even political meetings(when they used to be enjoyable!)

The Kirkintilloch Town Hall Trust’s AGM will be at 7.30pm in the Park Centre, Kerr Street, on Wednesday and would welcome everyone who would love to see the hall restored to full use again.

It’s a shame that the town, with its enviable history of dramatic plays and a whole range of musical entertainment, no longer has a place in which they can be produced.

In preparing our case, we need help and advice . . . not least from the council . . . and we hope to see more Kirkie readers of all ages show active and earnest support in our endeavours to have the town hall restored as a hub of every kind of enjoyment.

Charles Gray.

Have your say on hall

RESIDENTS of Lenzie are you aware that East Dunbartonshire Council is seeking to transfer the responsibility of running Lenzie Public Halls, together with all the associated  costs (caretaker, maintenance, etc.) into community ownership? 

The hall is currently operating at a loss and EDC is examining all possibilities as part of its budget review process.

EDC clearly hopes that a community led group or an individual will come forward who will be willing to take on the total responsibility for the public halls and provide continuity of support to the local groups who use the facilities there.

The new management would have the freedom to develop fully the potential of the halls’ facilities. But what if no group or person comes forward?

Lenzie Hall is an attractive and historic building and with creative input from the local community it could be put to good and profitable use. However, given the current economic climate, it is likely that the hall will close if no community group comes forward to take over the management.

Will it then fall into disrepair and be a blot on our local landscape?

It is vital that we prevent this from happening at all costs.

A consultation meeting was held, facilitated by East Dunbartonshire Council, which was attended by representatives from some of the groups that use the hall.

All will become homeless if no new management team is found.

As residents of Lenzie we urge you to participate in this consultation process.

There are four ways in which you can respond:

1.There are questionnaires in the Lenzie Library - please go along and fill one out.

2.Go on line to the EDC site and search Lenzie Halls - this will take you to the on-line questionnaire.

3.Write to Grace Irvine (Head of Assets & Property Service @ EDC).

4.You can e-mail your thoughts to the Lenzie Community Council at lenziecommunitycouncil.org.uk

But whatever you do, make sure you have your say.

Lenzie Community Council.

Race to remember

THE local half-marathon on Sunday (October 9) reminded me of the first local (Luddon) half-marathon.

I entered for that event following my participation in the first Scottish People’s Marathon in 1982.

My entry form for the Luddon arrived in due course. It asked me to estimate my probable time for the race and to say how I came to that conclusion.

I indicated that as it took me five and a half hours to complete the full marathon, I was likely to take something under two and a half hours to run the half-marathon.

On the week before the half-marathon the Kirkintilloch Herald carried an article about the race. It mentioned that one of the athlete’s taking part was a very fast marathon runner.

I didn’t think much about this until the day of the race when, to my astonishment, I was allotted number one, an honour reserved for top athletes or celebrities, and I was neither.

I was ushered into the dressing room reserved for such people. As I changed, other low number participants eyed me quizzically.

I said nothing and was duly given first place in the starting line.

The others held back for a while, no doubt thinking that my slow initial pace was down to tactics.

One by one, however, they overtook me, as did most of the field.

As I passed spectators, I was given a special cheer and asked when I would be catching up with the others. “Second time round,” was my reply.

This was greeted by puzzled looks, as we were only running round once.

I eventually arrived at the finishing strait. Several hundred people were lined up on either side. They cheered and waved. I waved back to them and smiled.

As I passed along the line, however, I could hear murmured voices saying “Who is he?”

Mistaken identity or a mistake in administration? I never did find out.

Bill Findlay,

Firpark Road,


Support for 3g campaign

THANK you for all the local support Karen Graham and myself have received locally asking our local councillors to keep their promises that the new 3g astro pitches at both St Ninian’s and Kirkintilloch High would be available to the community as and when needed – which included the days, Saturday and Sunday, when our local youth leagues play their fixtures.

At present the owners of the schools are dictating when they will open, which is the ‘tail wagging the dog’.

So come on councillors get this sorted out – you promised the shortage of playable football pitches for local teams would be solved when the £8million you invested in these grounds opened.

They are open now and badly needed, especially with the wet conditions we now experience.

Ian Stevenson,

Lenzie Youth Club.

Plaque marks industrial heritage

MEMBERS of Soroptimist International of Kirkintilloch & District would like to point out that the bronze plaque and plinth shown on the fornt page of the Kirkintilloch Herald dated October, 5, 2011, was a Millennium Project undertaken by them and presented to the people of Kirkintilloch in October 2000.

Our aim was to have a lasting reminder of former industries in Kirkintilloch which would be of interest to present and future generations for many years.

As can be seen on the plaque sited on the paved area at Barleybank car park, eight former industries are shown - boat building, coach building, coal mining, cotton spinning, engineering, farming, foundries and, finally, the aquaduct.

Extensive research was carried out by the artist Brian Caster, of Powderhall Bronze in Edinburgh, prior to designing and producing the pattern to be cast by Archibald Young (Brassfounders) Ltd here in Kirkintilloch.

The plinth was built by Connect Services with stones which came from a demolished bridge and were cut to size.

In order to finance this project fundraising was carried out over a few years by club members prior to to 2000 and, with grants from East Dunbartonshire Community Chest, we finally reached our goal.

Soroptimist International

of Kirkintilloch & District.

Family says thanks for helping

MY sister had a very bad fall on Standburn Road, close to ASDA Robroyston, on Monday, October 10.

The family would like to thank the many people who stopped to help, including motorists, a woman pushing a pram and all the ambulance staff.

The family greatly appreciated all efforts and it all helped to restore one’s faith in human nature.

My sister is recovering from a broken nose and arm.



Parking row

THERE are no words to describe how I felt as a disabled member of the public. It just goes to show how people really couldn’t care less about our predicament.

Kirki is hard enough to find a parking space for a disabled person without this. Sorry, but I felt this should be highlighted.

A lorry was parked in the first disabled bay in the car park next to St Mary’s Church, I asked the person whose lorry it was did he think he should be parking in a disabled bay and his reaction was “do you want me to move it”.

I said it would probably be better as there was a chance that another disabled person may be looking to park, but by the time it took me as a disabled person to walk to the bank and back his lorry was still in the parking bay when I came back.

Details supplied

Via e-mail