Letters to the Editor - September 7, 2011

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No to parking charges

RE The introduction of parking charges – the simple answer is NO.

Remember what happened to the councillors who introduced the once-a-fortnight bin collections? Learn from their mistakes.

I agree with Councillor Geekie on schools, disabled bays, etc. Parking charges will kill off the small town centres we have.

For example, Renfrewshire Council introduced car parking in Paisley town centre and straight after this the shops in the high street started to close and after ten years there is only pound shops and charity shops left.

If that’s what they want go ahead, but remember the council elections aren’t far away.

Alexander Morrison,

(via e-mail).

No excuse . . . clean-up your dog’s mess

I WOULD like to follow up on last week’s letter from a very concerned mother from Milton of Campsie and her upset three-year-old.

I have been coaching youth footballers for over seven years and since 2005 we have played all our home games at Milton of Campsie and the amount of dog mess that the coaches have to clear up before every match is nothing short of a disgrace.

I feel the blame lies with all the lazy dog owners in Milton of Campsie who think it is fine to exercise a dog on a football pitch and children’s play area.

I have personally challenged both male and female dog owners regarding this disgusting practice of exercising their dogs on this ground. Some even bring their dogs by car, park up, then stand watching as their dogs run all over the pitch – messing wherever they want to.

Excuses I have heard from owners over the years include “I didn’t know it was a football pitch there are no goals up” – an absolutely diabolical excuse.

Then there was a lady who thought because she stayed in Milton of Campsie that she had a right to exercise her dogs on the pitch – again another diabolical excuse.

Secondly the blame also lies with the council as I have complained to them regarding this.

They sent out the community patrols always when we were either training or playing a match – obviously no-one was exercising a dog during our matches or training sessions, but I did explain that it was happening before and after our games and that it would be better to turn up then.

I also told the council that I saw owners from nearby houses exercising dogs in the mornings as I made my way to work, and at night when I made my way home. Sadly things never improved and I don’t see things changing this season unless the council take away the dog mess bins and put up signs discouraging owners from entering a play park with dogs.

These bins seem to be the excuse for the lazy people to come into this area to allow their dogs to mess.

No doubt some will clean up, but most do not.

So I would urge concerned parents or any other concerned people who believe that these areas should be completely free from dog mess to start naming and shaming these irresponsible and lazy dog owners.

A very concerned football coach

(via e-mail)


I, along with many responsible dog owners in the area, was appalled and annoyed by the letter about the incident in Peel Park which appeared in last week’s Kirkintilloch Herald.

I felt very sorry for the lady in question whose little son had been so upset.

Annoyed, because there are simply too many dog owners who just refuse to comply with basic things like clearing up responsibly after their dog, and appalled, because this issue has been highlighted so many times in the past, with no action taken whatsoever.

It is largely the same offenders every time, and not “many” or “all” dog owners, as we might be led to believe.

The same goes for litter which is dropped by the same people all the time. You don’t suddenly develop new litter-louts or new irresponsible dog owners! It’s an ingrained habit.

The sad fact of the matter is that, despite statements of council commitment to health and safety for the public and fines for those who don’t co-operate, there is no acting dog-warden or system in the area to get these anti-social problems properly dealt with. Many of East Dunbartonshire’s beautiful park areas and walkways are in a dreadful state because of council inability to act decisively. Council seem to depend on “witnesses” before proceeding to act - if they ever do. At key times of the day (early morning or evening time) when people go out with their dogs, there is a total absence of anyone in authority to monitor these areas. When, for example, was the last fine issued?

Yes, money is the key to all of this, and we have little to spare, however, one would be forgiven for supposing that public health and safety were of paramount importance to a caring council.


Muirside Avenue,


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