LibDem poll predicts neck and neck race

Jo Swinson
Jo Swinson

A poll carried out by Survation for the Liberal Democrats predicts that Jo Swinson will keep her seat against strong challenge from the SNP.

The poll, with methodology designed by the LibDems but carried out by an independent company, shows a mere two per cent divide between Ms Swinson from SNP candidate John Nicholson.

It also predicts that Labour will take just 16 per cent of the vote and the Conservatives just 13 per cent.

The results were: Lib Dem 34.5%, SNP 32.1%, Lab 16.2%, Con 13.1%, Green 2%, Ukip 0.7%

A total of 413 people took part in the telephone poll with seven questions, carried out on April 9.

One question asked whothey’d vote for if the only candidates who could win the General Election in East Dunbartonshire were the LibDems or SNP.

Ms Swinson said: “East Dunbartonshire is now clearly a two horse race between me and the SNP. Many local residents have told me they are voting for me because they think I’ve done a good job as MP for East Dunbartonshire and want me to continue. People who traditionally have supported Labour or the Conservatives have also said they are lending me their vote this time to make sure we stop the SNP in our area. Both East Dunbartonshire and Scotland voted ‘No’ in the independence referendum last year and it’s time the SNP accepted the result and stopped threatening to inflict a second referendum on the Scottish people.”