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Call to think again on library

KIRKINTILLOCH Soroptimists call on the newly elected council to reconsider the ill-conceived proposal to use the William Patrick Library for services which could be better provided elsewhere in the town.

For example, the empty Co-operative building in the main street close to our largest supermarket.

As volunteers for visually impaired readers in Kirkintilloch we are well aware of the daily use of the William Patrick Library by people of all ages - from toddlers to seniors.

In line with the current Carnegie Report, the library in Kirkintilloch already accommodates the diverse interests and needs of the community, using up-to-date technology.

What the council proposes is to use up valuable space in the library to house bureaucratic departments, decanted from Tom Johnston House

The proposal to move council staff from the custom built Tom Johnston House to the luxuriant surroundings of the empty marina complex is difficult to understand.

The council would do well to ask why they have been unable to fill these offices and other empty shops in the town instead of planning an expensive relocation of their own departments.

For information there are currently 13 empty shops and seven charity shops in the town and of course the decaying town hall.

It is time for brave decisions where ratepayers and citizens are put first.

Kirkintilloch Soroptimists

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Blue Badge charges

IN response to the letter by Nick Gall (Herald, May 9)

It is OK to break the £20 charge for a Blue Badge into pennies, but it has to be paid up front along with the price of two photos.

My main concern about this payment is for the war veterans who are coming back from fighting to save us being bombed in the UK.

Forces personnel, past and present, who were maimed for our country should not have to pay this charge.(Help the Heroes)

Really, no disabled person should have to pay for a Blue Badge.

I could go on, but what is the point?

The charge is here and there will be more as long as we don`t complain.

Name and address


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Let’s work together

AUDIT Scotland has released a report urging councils to work more closely in order to share money-saving ideas.

It has also prompted new councillors to get up to speed on policy to ensure the £21billion spent every year by local authorities in Scotland is subject to as little waste as possible.

Any good ideas about efficiency savings within local government have to be shared; the days of councils working in isolation are long gone.

Councils should also look at how services could be better provided by the third or voluntary sector. A good example of this would be using the Citizens Advice Bureau for debt advice.

That is a serious issue and many people fall into depression because they have lost their job or are in debt, but often that debt is owed to the council, which means people seeking advice would simply not go there for it.

This report highlights huge differences in spending from council to council in various services, and when issues like this are brought to our attention we must find out why this disparity exists and how it can be dealt with.

Margaret Mitchell MSP,

Scottish Conservative local government spokeswoman

Marking 50 years at Balmuildy Primary

BALMUILDY Primary School, in Bishopbriggs, is 50 years young.

In honour of this the PTA is holding an extra special Jubilee May Fayre. It takes place at the school (Stirling Drive, Bishopbriggs) on Saturday May 19 from 11am-2pm.

Entry is £2 for adults and free for kids. Included in the ticket price is a cup of tea/coffee and some home-baking. Attractions include a bouncy castle, pocket money stall, sweet stall, plant sale, tombola, home baking, beat the goalie, face-painting, Sparklyn Jewellery, Kay Reilly bags, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, arts and crafts, jewellery making, hand-made cards and lots of great raffle prizes including hampers and an iPod touch.

Lindsay Drennan

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