Lightning damages homes in Milngavie

St Edmund's Grove, Milngavie.
St Edmund's Grove, Milngavie.

Milngavie residents thought a plane had crashed when they heard a massive boom from the sky above their houses recently.

The loud noise was caused by a powerful bolt of lightning which struck several houses in Milngavie near Tannoch Loch.

A lady who was reading her papers in one of the houses that was hit by the lightning says she saw a flash of light travelling fast across her living room floor during the storm.

And at least two houses in St Edmund’s Grove lost their electrical power and sustained burnt out sockets.

They have since had their electrical supplies checked and passed for safety by Scottish Power.

Marion McVean from Craigallian Avenue, said: “I was at home with my daughter who was studying at the time when we heard a major bang and I thought something had exploded in the sky.

“We both ducked as we thought the celing was about to come down on us.

“It was very frightening and we later found out that some of our neighbours homes had been damaged - their phone lines went down because the wires fused and they sustained a power cut.

“Luckily our house wasn’t damaged - we think that’s perhaps because our house is older and the foundations are deeper with more earth underneath.

“But we were definitely at the epicentre of the lightning storm as there was a massive boom just above us.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) offers this advice on their website: “Lightning strikes the ground in Britain about 300,000 times a year. For the climber, fisher, walker, golfer, and other exposed persons, this is a risk that must be considered.

“Although there is no absolute protection, measures can be taken to reduce the risk of getting struck and the injury severity.”

Thirty to 60 people are struck by lightning each year in Britain, and on average, three of these strikes are fatal.