Lights, camera, Lenzie action!

Jennifer and Robyn
Jennifer and Robyn

Move over Warner Brothers and the Coen Brothers, could Hollywood be calling for a new sibling set – all the way from Lenzie?

The Watt Sisters have created their own film production company, tying together their talents and having a whole lot of fun along the way.

And Jennifer (22) and Robyn (19) are hoping that it could ultimately turn into a full time career.

The sisters, who live in Millersneuk Avenue, Lenzie, started up their firm Traviata Productions in June this year.

Actor Jennifer, who has performed in various theatre productions both professional and amateur and Robyn, a film-making student at the University of the West of Scotland, started with humble beginnings.

Jennifer said: ‘‘Originally the plan was Robyn starting to study film-making and wanted to make some films. As an actor I wanted to write stuff, get my name known.’’

Their first comedy short film called Jog On, lasting just three minutes, was made in June near the leisure centre in Lenzie and was a standalone piece.

‘‘I had the idea for a series for a while and spoke to Robyn and the first episode of Life on Hamm was made, and that turned into making a full series.’’

And with perfect timing they found out about a competition for budding film-makers and entered it.

Even though they didn’t make it through to the final rounds, the process has been an exciting one for the pair.

‘‘It’s given us a boost to think we can do this and enter other competitions.’’

And it’s a real family effort, Robyn does the filming, Jennifer writes (and acts if she passes the audition!), mum Margaret does sound and various family members gardens and homes have been used as sets. One episode was filmed in the Gold Pheasant in Auchinloch, too.

The sisters are funding it all themselves, and trying to pay their actors and helpers along the way. Jennifer added: ‘‘First of all if was just family and friends talking about it, now other people are commenting that they have seen our page.

‘‘We didn’t think we would enjoy working together so much but now we would both like to make this our career. We’ve very different skills, but work well together.’’

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