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READERS have their say on the issues which matter – printed in the issue of June 13, 2012

Loch picture shows value

I WAS reading your article about Jim Curtis’s grandson (‘James captures osprey on film’ – Herald, May 30) and how interested he is in taking photographs of birds and wildlife around Antermony Loch.

Being an avid amateur photographer and member of the RSPB, I have to agree with Mr Curtis that the Caurnie Angling Club have done a fantastic job ensuring the wildlife environment around their loch ensures that people like ourselves – who are not members of the club – can utilise such a local facility to take photographs and enjoy the wide diversity of birds and wildlife around the loch.

The fact that there are paths around the loch and areas to sit and enjoy a picnic whilst doing this is an added bonus.

It would be such a shame if as, some local rumour has it, that it could become a private water ski-ing loch and lose all these opportunities.

G. Kennedy.

Well done!

I CONGRATULATE James Clinton for filming an osprey with a newly-caught trout (Herald, May 30).

He provides graphic support for the need to keep beautiful Antermony Loch in community care and out of the hands of “developers”.

Brian J. B. Wood,

Spruce Drive, Lenzie.

Crying foul over problem

I AM a disgruntled home owner who lives in Kirkintilloch. For the past few months I have had to deal with dogs pooping in my back garden and their owners not cleaning this up.

I contacted the council who at first seemed very keen to help by putting leaflets through houses round about, but this did not happen.

I still go home to ‘little presents’ in my back garden almost every day.

I am now on the verge of confronting people myself, but am not sure what reaction I will recieve.

As a non-dog owner, but an animal lover, this is very annoying to have to clean up other people’s dogs mess.

(Name and address supplied)

Time to fine litter louts?

TEENAGERS are brought up to drop litter in the knowledge that someone else will pick it up.

Witness the council roadsweepers who are employed to do just that immediately after the school lunch break at 2pm each week day around the three secondary schools in Kirkintilloch and Lenzie.

Having dropped litter with impunity for five or six years, should society expect a change in their habits when they become adults?

That would be unfair. After all, society only reaps what it sows.

Therefore there will never be any improvement until society changes the law and starts to fine teenagers for dropping litter.

(Name and address supplied)

Surprise, the library’s shut!

THE closure of William Patrick Library may come as something of a surprise to the very department behind the closure.

In page six of the East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture guide to What’s On for April/June 2012, everyone is invited to ‘Make a Noise in Libraries Fortnight, 11-24 June’.

One of the venues is ‘William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch’. What a good idea . . . pity they’ve closed it!

This can’t be another example of lack of communication within the council . . . could it?

Or could it be that it went to press before the councillors made a decision . . . like 2010? Hope to see them all there to ‘Make a Noise’.

(Name and address supplied)

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